Sunday, May 22, 2011

An "Ah-HA!" moment about Tom!

Dogbert gets partial credit for compatibility with me, I love talking AND listening though.

I have discovered that I LOVE communicating. It makes some different aspects of me make a lot more sense. I love the night, partly because I just find the dark comforting, and partly because people have a lot looser tongues at night, people just seem a lot more likely to just talk at night than at any other time. Also, I talk to myself, as anyone who has ever lived, or even just traveled with me knows. While I was on the Spring Break trip to California, my friend Eric was with me and he commented on how he had noticed it, and was kind of amazed at how I keep a running commentary, even in the shower. That's right, I don't sing in the shower, I just continue talking to myself. I love the simple exchange of information. It doesn't really matter who or what either. I've had a lot of conversations ranging from connecting Science Fiction and Religion to drunken/buzzed exploits, and I enjoyed both just as much, I know that I should enjoy the one about religion more, but really, I just love listening. When I'm listening to a person, it's just far too much fun to watch them, ESPECIALLY if they're getting really into something, like something they discovered for themselves, or just learned, or they're figuring something out, or just if they're amazed by it, I love just watching that happen. Cause we all think a huge amount, well, I think we all think a huge amount, some people I'm just not so sure about, but there's a large amount of processing and events that happen to all of us, but the majority of it never escapes our thick skulls! So when someone just starts talking to me, I think it's fantastic. I will listen to just about anyone, talk about just about anything. I hate it when a person starts getting cautious about what they're saying, or how much they're saying when they're talking to me, cause that's just a waste. I support full, lengthy, nerdy communication between people. I can talk a lot, of this there is no doubt, and my three posts in as many days proves this. I love it when a person can actually talk, and keep a conversation going. When I don't have to work to keep the conversation going, that's a good time. So, if you ever just need to nerd out, then I am the man for the job, if there's something that I can do, it's listening, and talking.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Terrible Summer Tradition

Two summers in a row now I've had something terrible happen to me that incapacitated me for a time, in which time I was totally miserable. Last summer it was Mono, and that lasted FOREVER! This summer I've had the joyful experience of having my Wisdom Teeth removed. Now I know what you're thinking, yeah yeah, everyone goes through this kind of thing, but THAT is what they said about Mono too! And then I got my own special kind of Mono that combined two different kinds, and then a side effect of another that nobody could even make sense of! Nauseous, throat, and my eyes began swelling, yeah that's right, all the skin around my eyes began swelling so I couldn't open my eyes fully.

This is as far as my eyes would really open

So now, I get my Wisdom Teeth out, and that's a bummer right? According to the general consensus, your average operation happens, you look like a chipmunk, and a day or two later your chewing and making out hurts, right? Well, my top two teeth were so far up that the dear Dentist had to take them out the side, and not through the bottom, so the operation took an hour and a half, or so they tell me, and it's been 3 days and I still can't smile without fear of having my gums begin bleeding, and chewing is completely out of the question. Loratab has no goofy symptoms on me, it just makes me feel really funky, but no bouts of hilarity.


But on the plus side I have caught up on my movies, "RED" and "The Tourist" were just as good as everyone said they were going to be. I've also begun playing Bioshock and am almost finished, those splicers simply don't know what's happening to them, Big Daddies on the other hand, seem to know exactly what's coming and kill me several times before I manage to kill them. Hmmmm
Hope you're all having a great summer! I know that this was a pretty whiny post, but...well, it's whiny ok? Deal with it! My ibuprofen hasn't kicked in yet.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hobbes Hit it Right on the Head

I couldn't say it any better, but I am going to explain my own experience with this.
Hobbes has it completely right, at least for me I believe. Mostly the bit about the brain disengaging and babbling like a cretin. I'm not actually twitterpated at the moment, nor do I really intend to be since this is the summer before my mission and to most girls my age that's an instant turn off cause I'm training to go completely non-romantic. I was actually looking back on all of the times when I've gone head over heels, completely bonkers for a girl. I like to think that usually I'm a pretty articulate, competent person. When I'm confronted with an awkward or tense situation I'm usually able to finagle some way to have everyone happy, I'm able to create happy endings and proper social responses for pretty much every movie and real life couple I've seen, but looking back I have realized that my IQ drops 300 points when I fall in love! Which either means I'm the greatest genius the world has ever known, or I have a negative IQ when love strikes. I'm going to have to go with Hobbes on this one.

Home again, home again

Well, I promised Ashley Kay Easton that I would keep this blog updated. So here we go.
Last time that I wrote in this it was dead week for the first semester. Huh.
The second semester was just as interesting, if not more interesting, than the first! It really doesn't seem like that long ago that it started, huh.
Well, I got a new roommate, his name is Silas Pimentel. My dear Brazilian Brutha who lived in Brazil for the first bit of his life, his family moved to Utah, and then he got called to Colorado on his mission. This is usually a point of confusion for people. Him and I got along fantastic, and Silas tried so hard to teach me good habits, but in the last semester I was pretty into being an irresponsible pre-mi that my room remained trashed, my dishes stayed dirty, and my homework never did get completed.
Went with some crazy guys to California for Spring Break, good times, drunk people are funny and have good stories. Unfortunately I grow tired of updating on my life and feel more like just talking than updating.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plans for the week

So this is Dead week. Fun. Last night I finished a poem for Creative Arts, about all the different Creative Arts.
Emotion in movement
Constructing a certain ilk
Flesh turns to brush
Twirling swirling colors
Paintings in pose
To the sound of silk

Grotesques at guard
For the marching moss
As it piles upon the pillars
Of a monument to man
Erected through the effort
Of a design for safety

Red hugs around your neck
Green satin around your chest
Emotions and memories flooding
Pouring through a portal of pastels
Emotions and thoughts put out
Displayed for all to see

Pablo’s paintings, Michael’s makings
Thoughts doodled in paint
Mental pictures translated to brush
Create anew, what was seen of old
Master of oil, water, and wax
On an arena of parchment

Rage, love, jealousy, joy
Friends betrayed, enemies loved
Life seen again on hardwood
Put in some paint, sing a note
Tap a step, design your shirt
Learn life from seeing it played

Sing it, dance it, paint it
Act it, wear it, use it
Enjoy it, judge it, hate it
No matter who, no matter what
Every person is made of heart
Every person turns life into an art

Not about to win any competitions but hey, hopefully it gets a hundred percent. Hoorah.
Tonight a wrote out, in extreme detail, a 30-minute warm-up for the character of Othello. What a pain, never wrote anything so tedious or boring. DBQ's are fascinating compared to this. Anyways, now all I've got left is a guitar final, which I'll have fun practicing for, a cumulative final on Understanding Theater, and a test on the last few Chapters in Alien Class. Then Fall Semester is over!
This week we're doing a prank every day on this apartment above us, because they had been doing this concessive prank on us, so we attacked.

Front Door

Back Door

The Door Knobs
The night before we put balloons all over their front door, and the night before we made a complete covering over their front door with the newspaper that they had been stacking against our door for a few weeks. Tonight's prank was us destroying their peace offering with assorted weaponry, see the video on Facebook.
My last final is next Thursday, the 16th at 11o'clock, and then I'll be heading home (Got a ride) until January 10th! Cause "I'm dreaming tonight, of a place I love, even more than I usually do"

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Fairly Good Idea

So, I was thinking the other day about a slight dilemma I have with my life, and that's the fact that I am absolutely terrible at keeping in touch. Horrid at this very simple thing, with old friends, family, whatevs. I always forget to call, occasionally remember to text, and people generally just have no idea what's going on with my life. So I was looking around, and saw a friend of mine who had a blog still up and going (Becky Weber), I read some of it, and realized that this was perfect! I am on the computer a fair amount, just cause of Facebook, Pandora, Comics, and of course the accursed school essays. So I figured that I'd just keep this updated and people would know what was going on! Cause my family still blogs fairly regularly. So hoorah. First order of business is to do a quick catch up from last blog post....which was Prom....oh boy.
Junior year ended. AP Tests are an abomination, passed both of mine that year AP Bio and AP History (This is very nice for me right now btw).
Over the summer, I was convinced to do Footloose the Musical. I got the only decent male part in the whole play, I think, and that was Reverend Shaw. The General opinion is that I added depth to an otherwise unremarkable play (Daddy's comment on the show), but that's generally what everyone decided on. While the other parts were sung quite well, there just wasn't a whole lot of depth or class to it. Oh well, I rocked it, had a good time back stage, as I always do.

Oh yeah, and I got some action on stage. Hoorah!
Senior year started, the school was now 3A, so the Drama Department could now compete, so we focused on Drama a lot that year, especially since my grade was a grade with a whole lot of talent, and Street wanted to use as much as she could. So started out the year with Shakespeare Competition. Now, I took the Desdemona Death Scene to Shakespeare Festival, very dramatic scene in which Othello murders his wife after some confrontation, because he's been convinced by Iago that she's cheating on him with his Second in Command. So, he kills her. The scene did not place at Shakespeare Festival due to to totally idiotic politics that they play down there. I say this because my scene was the only scene in our entire division to be chosen for Showcase, which is where they show all the pieces that the judges thought were so awesome, they needed to be shown again. Only ones in our division to make it to Showcase, and we placed 6th. With 4th place being our exact scene done by a bunch of idiots who I watched, and who were in my same round. Politics sucketh.

Othello, your life sucks, hence why Shakespeare wrote about you, bummer.
Next up was a mix of The Foreigner and Speech Season. The Foreigner is the second funnest show I've ever done. The first being The Complete Works of Shakespeare: Abridged. But the Foreigner was fun, I didn't have a really big part, but I did have a very fun part and rocked what parts I did have. I ended up on the front page of the Richfield Paper with a choice facial expression. Fun play.
Speech season went really well, until State. I took 3rd at Region, with a strategy on how to beat the two people who beat me at Region. So I went to State, with so much more research and a case to rock the ages. I got there, went to my first round, and just trashed the poor girl, sorry about that. Then inbetween the first and second rounds, my brain died. To this day, I don't know what it was, I slept well the night before, I had had stuff to eat, I was feeling just fine, but suddenly I just could not think, I ended up stuttering and fumbling through my case the next two rounds and didn't stand a chance of breaking into finals. I don't know what happened, I just goofed. Bye Speech.
After this I began working on Region and State Drama. This time I arranged a comedic piece from Taming of the Shrew. Two days before Region I got with my partner, blocked the thing, memorized it, and we took 4th at Region. Hoorah. Unfortunately, from there, there is no competition in Drama, it's all a "Festival" where if you were Superior, you get a Superior rating, "Everyone's a Winner". Sissy Drama People not wanting to get their feelings hurt. That scene made it to Showcase, and received Superiors on every single score except for one (The category they marked down didn't apply to our scene, btw, weird people). Straight Superiors and Showcase. Hoorah. Then in the One Act play we did "Inside Al", I was Inside Al, and that was fun, good play, interesting experience. My partner Brooks got an award for his performance as Al for his physicalization of the character, who had Cerebral Palsy. I didn't get a specific award for my performance, but I did get a teacher who came up to me and told me: "I've both directed, and been in that play, and your partner did a fantastic job, but I want you to know that I know, and I saw, that that performance wouldn't have been what it was without your performance. Good job". I like that more than the award, personally.
Oh yeah, and One Voice went on Tour to Disneyland and Knotsberry Farm. Hoorah, good times.

We rocked the place.
Around February I was hanging out with some friends while the parents were gone out of town, and we were just watching this movie that I had told Kesler him and I needed to watch together, then of course I invited Jory, cause him and I had become close friends during Speech Season where I became his unofficial Uncle, me and JD took care of him. So Jory's comin over and says "Hey, I'm gonna bring over Brynna and Danielle, k?". Why not? And I met Danielle Bastian. Wonderful farm girl who became my girlfriend that April. We had a marvelous summer, and helped each other grow and become better people. Good times. She came over and helped ease the all out suffering of Mono that summer.

We rock.
Senior year began drawing to a close. Ended the Drama career with a big bang with the Improv Troupe, which was WAY too much fun. The funnest thing you can do in Drama, I think. The Sound Effects Game with Garret Nash. Good end to the Drama Career.
Yes, I had Mono over the summer, and no I did not get it from Danielle, she's never had it before, though yes, I did kiss my girlfriend, so sue me. I got Mono from sleeping 4 hours a night, drinking 7 cans of Mtn Dew per day, and working all day on the ranch, immune system crashed and I got a triple threat case of Mono, naseau, infected throat, and congestion. Along with aches, and swelling of my eyes.

Yikes. Not a good time.
Spent the summer working for Daddy, having Mono, and spending most of my time with Jory and Danielle. Two of my favorite people. Good summer, good times.
Summer ended. Time to go to College. Going to USU. Danielle and I broke up because we both decided that it'd do more damage than good to try to keep things strong while we tried to live two different lives. So after a little bit of time to let it develop we've decided that it goes like this: She's sending me off on my mission, then what happens after the mission will happen. We're still good friends, and still enjoy each other's company, just no romance. Ta-da.
Came to college, and lived with Jamie for the first week while I looked for a place to live. Jamie and Jonathan said that I would love being On-Campus, so I put myself on the waitlist for an apartment without a meal plan, they said it really wasn't likely, but they'd do what they could. Then I get a phone call the day after talking to them that said they had an opening, so I took it. DAVIS 201!
I am now rooming with 5 members of the USU Track team.

Austin, who is my room room mate. Executive Secretary, took Calc 3, Engineering, and Physics in the same semester, decided that he hated Engineering and decided to be a Psychiatrist instead after his experience as Exec Sec. He is also leaving for his mission next month, so I may be getting a new room mate.

Jake who is Superman. Runs Hurdles like a maniac, is the current Utah Triathlon Champion in his Age Division, has an amazing girlfriend, and lives life very well.

Parker Bluth, or Blunt. Scary fast in the Sprints, and will tell you what's on his mind, no problem. :) Keeps us in line as far as dishes and cleaning up too, so that's all good.

Tanner who is our Pretty Boy. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cuddling maniac. A ton of fun to hang around, will just go with whatever's going on and make it fun. Activities Director, of course.

AJ. From what I hear he is the grand champ of the 110 Hurdles and may place in Regionals his Freshman year. Computer genius, and gaming extrordinaire. You name a game, he can talk with you about it. English Major, which means he also has a wide array of knowledge from wherever. Interesting to talk to.
This semester is just coming to a close, got a final project due today, a final paper this weekend, and a test this week. One Final test next Wednesday for Understanding Theater.
Now you're all caught up. Hoorah!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh yeah! I have a blog don't I?

Well, where do I start? Let's start with Prom!
Prom was fan-FREAKING-tastic!!! Thanks to my most wonderful Prom date: Cherisa Chappel. We started the date with some very entertaining Wii sports and a game that consisted of shooting bunnies with plungers, this game amused me very much. :) Playing Wii and eating food for a while. I quite enjoyed the bunny game, and Garret and I had some fun with Garret's made up personality called "Cookie". Haha. Anyways! After hitting bunnies in the face with plungers, we headed over to Garret's house for the dinner we had assembled. On the way there I get this call from Jordan Garcia. "Hey Thomas, where are you?" "100 North and Main...why?" "Well, you see, I have a flat tire" ".........You're serious?" "Yeah! I really am! We're over here on *Whatever* street, we just went off the road a bit and it just went kaput!" "Oh my heck man. Alright I'll be over in a minute, just going to drop off my date and the other people in my car, and we'll come see what we can do about your tire....wait, you do have a spare don't you?" "Oh.....I don't know, don't think so! Hahaha" "Fantastic man, geh, yeah, I'll be right there" So I attempted to drop off my date, but she ended up coming along for a bit, but then got to go eat some food after it took so long to change poor Jordan's tire. Ya see, his spare was actually under his car, and he goes off-roading quite a bit, and he hadn't used the spare in a while. So the little thinger on bottom was so caked with mud and rust that lowering it wasn't feasible yet, so I climbed under there and began whacking away so we could get the dang thing off. Meanwhile, Zach came to my rescue, since he had been told that last time I had changed a tire, I had actually popped all of the lugnuts off, like not unscrewing them. (This is not true! I was popping off the plastic covers on the hubcap. You see, I had never changed a tire on a car with those funny plastic thing before, so I immediately assumed they were some stupid idea from some weird asian manufacturer. Of course then an older, more experience person came up and popped the whole thing off, and changed the tire in no time flat. I'm sorry that I didn't know about the stinking plastic things! I'm used to changing tires on old farm trucks!)
Anyways, so we finally got the ding dang tire out from under the car, put it on there, and I fastened the tire on! *Without breaking off the lugnuts, than you very much!*
We got to the dinner just in time for people to be leaving. Also just in time for me to realize that I had left our Prom Tickets at my house. Dang it. But, after conferring with a few people I found out that you didn't absolutely need your tickets, just the record that you bought them. So we were good!
I changed into my Tux quick like, took Cherisa to her house. Picked up the corsage from Zach's, dropped Zach off at his date's house, and then went into Cherisa's house to face the parents!!! DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!!! Not really, it was just fine, we ended up talking about how each other's missionaries were doing. He only asked me one question that was a "test" question. He saw the Mustang and asked how fast I had gotten it, and I replied "Actually I haven't gotten it to any crazy speeds yet, I'm not allowed to." "Ooh! Trick question! You haven't YET?" "Oh. *Upth*"
But then my date came down the stairs and the photo shoot began! Man! There were a lot of pictures! I don't have all of them yet, but they took pictures and a lot of them! I'll post some of them.
After we got out of the house, we got in the mustang and went to the parking lot by the Track. There were more pictures taken, and Mustang was used as a background. But then we all loaded on to the Firetruck and rode to Prom!! Woot! Yes, yes indeed, we rode to Prom on a firetruck!
The dance was fun! Dance was good! I only messed up once or twice while doing the official Promenade. Then, I got to have fun dancing with my frickin SWEET coat tails! They were a lot of fun. And of course my Prom pictures were undoubtedly the best of all time. Yes, yes I was imitating the Scarlet Pimpernel. :)
The morning afterwards, the girl's took us all to Denny's for Morp, their way of saying thanks for taking us to Prom. Well, they instructed me to not put anything special on, to just hop in the car right out of bed. So I had some fun with that, when they came to get me, I had on a wife beater, and Gi pants. Oh yeah! Don't worry, I put on a shirt for them! But it still freaked some of them out! hahaha
Then the next day! Cherisa and I went four wheeling with Garcia and Tara, oh boy, that was riotous. I haven't really ridden a fourwheeler since we lived in Canada and we rode on them all the time. So, first we went up the mountain, and rode around in the snow, and that was fun. But then Cherisa drove down the mountain, and she was going all crazy around the corners, and then she was like rock crawling up this hill, and I'm sitting behind her wondering if I've turned into some kind of panzy since I last rode a four-wheeler. Well, ha ha, I didn't! As Cherisa can testify, I can still have a lot of fun on a fourwheeler! Woot!
Ok! That was Prom, I'll update the rest later.