Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, that picture makes me look like an idiot. But that's a picture of Corban and I at Christmas. At that moment I'm trying out Chris's way of holding Corban. But after he got done being my parrot him and I listened to some music and I showed him the waltz.
My Christmas was fantastic, it was a month ago and I'm just getting around to putting it on here, but oh well, I'm at least putting it on here!
Mike, Wil, and I had a good time Christmas morning, we did not let the Parents sleep past 7. When the time came Mike and I chose a few Carols and did a wonderful harmony for our parents, for a minute we thought our singing we just putting them to sleep, but they got up.
Presents were distributed all around, Mike and I handed them out, while the parents watched Wil get into the tearing off of the wrapping paper.
I myself got an MP3 player which holds songs, picture, and video. Very nice and sleek, I'm enjoying it immensely. Also a dartboard, a large amount of throwing knives, book case, a pair of shoes, and Age of Mythology. Very enjoyable, having a good time. Christmas day we had the grandchildren crew come over later that day, and we all sat and ate, and watches Stardust. A very happy Christmas.
The next day we had Chris and Misty come over and stay for a while. It was nice to have them but they came and stole our bed! But we still loved having them there.
Nearing the end of the break we got to go help move Chris and Misty to their apartment. Mostly I got to sit there with Corban while peoples went and moved stuff, cause Misty had to go sign papers, so I got to hang out with Corban for a long while. He was supposed to sleep the whole time, but he drank his bottle. When I layed him down he just screamed for a while, I think he may have slept for 20 minutes or so, but then he started to scream some more, so I just danced with him some more!
Well, I'm going to include current events with this.
Twelve Angry Men is going nicely, we finally got our scripts! Though we still have pretty low attendance for practices, but it's moving along nicely. I'm one of the most angry characters, so I yell a lot, my voice gets hoarse. We will be performing nearing the end of February. There will be no admission since a production of Twelve Angry Men is touring right now. But we'll have a good time anyways.
For all of you who went to Richfield you will be surprised to hear that we may be getting a new Drama teacher! An old student of Mrs. Street's who is finishing up some things at SUU, whom Street thinks is the best thing since sliced bread, wants to come and teach at some place and settle down. So Street wants to hand it over to him and give her old heart a rest.
In further news, next year Street is now sure that next year, as a class we will be doing Macbeth, which makes us all very excited. Me especially because I think I would be the one who would get to play Macbeth! Which I would just love to death.
On February 18th, my dance team and I will be going to a dance competition at UVSC. There we hope we will be able to earn some prestige. My partner and I are also thinking about doing a dance, just the two of us, in a competition, and we're both pretty good, so it should be interesting.