Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey! It's Christmas Morning! And here I am bored! ha ha
Yeah, I was up at 5 this morning, I've already opened friend's presents, and taken a lovely Christmas shower, and shaved, and everything else I could think of, but I'm still bored, and waiting, it's only 6, bother.
Yes, we have yet to open presents, and I'm doing my best to keep the true spirit of Christmas in my heart, and not get too excited for presents, though it's hard, I do like opening presents!
Yes, I've read the birth of Jesus according to Luke, and the prophecies of him by Isaiah this morning, and it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Very Good Day

Today was a Very Good Day, it may not have been the best day of my life, but today was a good day.
The day started at midnight for me, because the previous day I had taken a lovely three hour nap, and was quite awake at that moment. So I was up and talking to anyone and everyone and I got into a discussion with Alex Street about the latest LD topic, and we debated until about 1:30 in the morning, then we stopped debating and simply discussed it. Then I looked down at the time and said "Enough! I'm going to bed!" It was a good discussion and I enjoyed it immensely.
Then Wil woke me up at 4 throwing up, that was bad, but it didn't make the whole day bad.
I slept in until about 6:50 where I ran out and milked the cow at superhuman speeds, then threw on a shirt and some deodorant and ran out the door. I almost made it to class on time, but my teacher Mr. Benjamin, the good person he is, asked me "How bad were the roads?" I said "Atrocious" he said "Sit down" so I did not have to suffer because of bad roads! Second plus of the day.
Then in that same class, in English we got to go into the Theater in the SVC and listen to Mr. Benjamin, his wife, two of his daughters, Auriala, and Mr. Pearson sing different Les Miserables songs as examples of poetry, and I quite enjoyed that also.
In A.P. Biology we talked about Meiosis for a bit, and then started watching the movie "Gattaca". Good movie, and no enormous note taking, so nice.
In A.P. History we had to take the essay test that we had all skipped the previous day because of ACT stuff. I wrote three and a half pages in the essay, covering everything that needed to be covered, in detail, and I'm quite positive I will get an excellent grade out of it.
At lunch I went and sat with some different people and had a wonderful time talking about everything from U.S. policy on foreign courts, to how you could make rice stick onto a stick, and how to eat it. ;) Good times! I also got half of a pretty good tuna sandwhich in exchange for some plastic tasting chicken nuggets! Bonus!
In Seminary we got to talk and laugh with our dear Brother Steele for a while, then watch the rest of the movie he's showing us, almost all of it, but it was also a good time, I love my seminary class.
In Weightlifting we had the greatest time ever. We played a game called two-base, it's basically kickball, only there are multiple runners and they can run whenever, before, during, and after the ball is kicked. It was us against the girl's P.E. class, and we had so much fun trouncing them. When we would rotate so we were kicking, and they were in the outfield, several of us would just start running, and score 2 points before the ball was even kicked. Then our whole weightlifting class just had a good time, we were screaming at Coach Clark (Jokingly of course, messing with him as usual) then we had kids carrying other kids around the bases, they did succeed one of the times! We were hitting random people and screaming while running, it was a good game.
After school was over I got to mess around with Stoker and Brooks with guitars, which is always a good time.
Brooks gave me a ride to the Benjamin's where I caught a ride to the party our dance team was throwing at the time. With good food, and good entertainment, I was happy.
They had Dance Dance Revolution, which I was horrible at, I had more fun making funny faces and goofing off while other people were playing than I did in actually playing, goofing off was much more fun.
Then Twister got pulled out! We played a couple rounds, but then a round started with Myself, Nicole Benjamin (My partner) and Lauren Benjamin (Obviously her sister). Lauren lost early on, but then it was just me and Nicole on the mat, and we have both discovered that we are both very good at Twister. The next 45 minutes were spent in the attempt to try and get Nicole or I to fail. It didn't work, finally Nicole and I agreed to an honorable draw. But boy was it fun! Occassionally I would attempt to throw Nicole off by putting my leg or hand way into her space so she would have to find elsewhere to put her limbs, but it didn't work, she's too good.
I got a ride with the Benjamin's into town where I met with Daddy and went shopping for party food for the boys, I was very thrifty, and got a rather cute store attendant to follow me out to the car, I was in a flirtatious mood.
So I got the boys their junk food, and they gave me hugs and stuff thanking me and telling me that this may be the last time I see them.
BUT! Before they left they had to see how much I could bench! Since they are such work out fanatics they can't believe that I can bench more than them since I only work out for 45 minutes a day. But I win. It started with 155, which I did three times as a warm-up, which some of them were doing as their max, then we got to my max, so we added 25's on to the bar, making the total weight 185. I did it easily, piece of cake, so we added on another 5 pounds, once again I did it, so we added on another five pounds and that I did with a finger touch, he didn't help, just did the finger touch. So I left them with a tromping of 195 to 155. Also makes me happy.
I came home, and watched "The Dark Knight". Now I shall go read my scriptures and sleep!
Good day to one and all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What we did today!

Today Myself, Mamma, and Anthony have accomplished a ton! We have taken pictures of all the food we made today. Which includes: 4 apple pies, 1 cherry, 1 blueberry, 2 chocolate, 2 coconut cream, 2 vanilla, 4 pumpkin 2 pecan, and 3 cheesecake, making 21 pies in all. Then we made a big bowl of spinach dip, a MASSIVE pot of sweet potatoe pie, (btw one massive sweet potato made 9 cups of boiled sweet potato!!!! Holy honker), Stef gave us a pan of sweet potatoes also, 4 loaves of cranberry coffee cakes, and 4 braided breads, and last and least, we broke up the bread for the stuffing.
Anthony and I also went down to Richfield wherein we got the turkey and potatoes from Stef, searched everywhere in Wal-mart and in Lin's for groceries, went to the storage unit to get the china, goblets, a tv and DVD player, and some boots. We also went to DI, got my yearbook from a friend, got some food at Taco Time, and came home.
Also Daddy made a trip all the way to Salt Lake this morning to drop off Logan and Angel. Started at 6 this morning.
That's what we did today! Yeah!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Self Sacrifice

The one quality that has defined great people throughout every era of time has been self-sacrifice, it's the one thing that can touch any heart, melt the heart of stone, and make a person strive to become better, to one day become like their idol.
Throughout history the people who have been remembered with the dearest expressions have been the people who gave something up for something they believed greater than themselves. What is great about these people is that they usually place everything above themselves. Examples of such beloved sacrifice of oneself are people like Mohatma Gahndi, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and of course Jean Valjean.
In the book Les Miserables the character Jean Valjean is the one you feel the most for. You see his life progress as he goes through it, you see his decisions, why he made them, and you grow to know him as you would a very close friend. This is a miracle of Victor Hugo's writing is that he makes you feel for his characters, he makes a fantastic character for the reader to understand and see in his writing, and Jean Valjean was his masterpiece.
Jean Valjean is the best model for self-sacrifice in the book. He starts the story in a prison which he got into because he was stealing bread for his sister's family, he became a hard bitter person and then was saved by the Bishop. He became a good man, a christian man, who ran a business and the town. He gave up all of his possessions, his accumulated wealth and social status to reprieve a stranger he had never met. He risked everything to save the child of a woman he barely knew. He raised the child as his own, risking life and limb to keep her safe. When she grew up and fell in love he risked everything, once again, to save him and bring him back to her, so that she could be happy. He always looked after someone else, he barely looked after himself. To the very end of his life he was looking after his loved ones, telling them that they need not worry aobut the money, that it was well earned money, legitimate. To his dying breath he expressed love and appreciation to his fellow man.
I believe that such self-sacrifice is one of the main reasons that this world remains tolerable to live in. The idea of non-selfishness, of thinking of others, is one that is being quickly forgotten in a world of “looking out for number one”. I find that an even greater tragedy than Les Miserables. People always need to be able to think above themselves, look to a higher cause, and serve it with all of their hearts and minds. People should be able to do things for other people, even if it's not in their own interest, they should do it, to make the world in general a better place. That's why Gahndi would not eat, and Mother Teresa lived in poverty, why Jean Valjean tore himself apart for others, they do it to make the world a better place, in the small ways they can, they make this little world that we occupy a more loving home. They combat anger with calmity, apathy with love, they are the antidote to the world's corruption. They are our lights, and many love them for what they've done.
I think everyone has a little bit of this in them, a little bit of love for people in general, most of us don't show it much, don't even use it much, but I think that we all need to take a lesson from people like Jean Valjean that is make the world a better place in whatever way you can.

This is an essay I wrote for English, I like it, thought people could read it if they wanted.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Backpack is back!

Just so you all know my backpack has been found! Yay!!!
It was in the school's lost and found, of course I don't know how it would get anyone near the school is cause I took it with me into the van to go to the gym, but I don't care!!! I have it back! Ha ha ha ha.
I got a part in the up and coming production of Arsenic and Old Lace, I am Jonathan, the homicidal, psychotic big brother, I guess I got that part cause I'm the only guy who can look a good scary, I am Mike's little brother, so we will see! Ha ha ha.
Casting for "The Dancers" will happen next week some time, I want to be the Assistant Director, just cause I think it'd be fun to play with this play, it's a Southern play, so it would be fun.
And I am so excited for Thanksgiving! I am soooooooo ready for the gluttony to begin! Yes! See you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ruts, updates, and etc.

So, the play went off great! It really did! It was five days of adrenaline and constant improvement. The last night was the best one of them all. Loved it so much. The fights went well, there was soo much energy on stage, the audience was awesome, and everyone performed very well. If I find my total critique of it I'll put it on here. But I gotta find it first.
There was another dance. Twirp. I got asked by Amber Bybee, she's a downs syndrome girl in the High School who I always sit by at lunch. She's a real sweetheart. I spent most of the date playing with her, like when everyone else was playing dodgeball, her and I were playing catch, and pretend, hide and seek and stuff. It was way fun, and everyone in that date group thinks I'm the biggest sweetheart for doing that, but I just have lots of experience with William, and it's easy for me. That was fun. We had 24 people in our group, so we transported everyone around in a huge boat on a trailer, playing Beach Boys "Surfin U.S.A", over and over and OVER again. It was quite awesome.
But now we must discuss the strange rut I am in. I am cursed. I don't know what it is, but there are just days, or weeks where things just go wrong, way wrong. In A.P. Biology a quiz comes, I've studied like crazy for it, and I get a 68 on it. Geh. In Math I teach everyone about the test, I taught two people in specific, Garcia and Tara. Test comes, I get an 84, Garcia gets 105 and Tara gets a 95. I don't get it! In History there's a sub that tells us that we have to write our entire DBQ in 45 minutes, I hear a couple people say that Mr. Player's just joking with us, he's always had us do those at home. Well, I planned the whole thing out, but didn't write anything, didn't turn anything in. Turns out he was serious, and there's a lovely zero. In Biology I know everything about it, and once again I am teaching everyone about the topic. We have to answer two discussion questions, I answer them for everyone else, but forget to write my own, lovely zero. In English we're writing a report for this strange computer graded essay program, so write one, and I get a 5.6 out of 6, and so I write some more, add to it, submit for scoring again, and I get a 5.0! Bell rings, that's it. And to top it all, the lovely stinking cherry on top, I have lost my backpack with every single book, every single school assignment in it. I can remember getting into the Purple Van with it, went to go move Mamma's office stuff, and it has not been seen since. Last Thursday. We have no idea where it might be. I've looked everywhere it could be. In Mamma's office, in the school, in the van, everywhere I can think of. It's gone.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Coming events

Hello everybody!
So, this next month, what will be happening is play practice and school. Play practices are going to go every day until about 5:30 to 6. We have three weeks to pull this thing off.
We will do 5 performances. 28, 29, 30, 31 of October, and the 1st of November. It will be way intense, and way way good. We plan to rock all of Richfield with it.
There would be more details, but I have to read over 1500 pages of different books for my classes. So ciao!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homecoming and life.

Hello all of you that read this!
I decided that homecoming would be a good thing to write a blog about, cause it was awesome!
It was a blast! I shall publish a list of all the things that went wrong at the end of this, but just remember that even all that happened, I think all of us still had a great time!
So our original plan was to start it at 2:30, pick up everyone's dates and be gone to the hike by 3. Bwa-ha-ha. Cross Country practice went later than expected, so Taylor, Garcia and I said, alright let's start it at 2:45, that'll be enough right? Well, I ran to my sister's house with my clothes, and was confronted by Logan starting his shower, so I promptly collapsed on the floor with my niece. Logan got out and I rushed into the shower and did a speedy shower. By the time I got out of the shower and was dressed and all that the purple van had come, thank goodness! But then I got the news that the van could not take upgrades or hills. Crap. So then we couldn't take it to get to the hiking spot. Ok, but we can still pick up dates in it! So we got in, and realized that it needed to be washed pretty bad, so Logan and I drove to the drive in car wash, cause we didn't want to get wet, and it'd be fast right? Well, there was a car ahead of us, that had just barely started. As we were waiting for them to get done, Garcia drives behind us and says he needs to wash his car too! So now we both have to wash our cars!
The guy gets done with his wash, so now I can put my money in, I put in a 20, and the dang machine gives me my change in quarters! $16.50 in quarters! It was like winning the lottery! Leaning out of the van at the change dish grabbing handfuls and giving them to Logan as fast as I could so none of them dropped out! Filled up a cup holder with quarters, and we were ready to go! We drove through as quick as we could, while having the little washer arms barely missing our side mirrors. Then drive away quickly! We also drove to Albertson's and grabbed a case of water for the hike! As quick as we could.
We got to the High School at 3:30, horrible. We drive up and see Taylor's car, and Jordan's car we thought, but no people. We drove all around the school, I ran all over in the school, and still no one! So we decided that we were just going to go get Charelle. So we drove over there. There we met up with Garcia and Becky, who were carrying Melanie! I got my date from them, and had them call Taylor and those guys to see what was going on (Neither Logan or I had a cellphone between us). They were all together and were heading to the High School at that moment. So we loaded up and went to the High School.
At the High School we finally had everybody, I told everyone about the purple van, and how we would have to use all their cars to go to our destination. And told the story of the quarters.
So we all loaded up and went to our destination, which was the starting of a really pretty trail that led into a canyon. I was in Garcia's car, he got to a certain point and said he could not take his Beemer any more, cause he would get killed if it got hurt. Understandable. So we got out and piled into the other two cars. We got to the point where going any further would mean certain damage to the cars, so we stopped and parked. But before we stopped, we decided to see if we could go further in Taylor's car, which entailed many a scary sound coming from the bottom of his car as it scraped against rocks. Upth.
As we were about to start I realized I had left the water in Garcia's car! So Taylor and I went and got it from his car. Drove back as fast as we could without dying. By then the whole crew was like a half mile down the trail. Thank goodness Taylor and I are Cross Country! Taylor was the real animal, he was carrying like 12 of the bottles in a bad he had in the back of his car, while running. Good man.
Then we caught up with everybody, then I discovered that I must have neglected to tell everyone that we were going to be hiking, Kammi had worn nice white dress shoes, Melanie had worn her nicest clothes. Crap. So I offered my shoes to Kammi, she said no of course, but I took off my shoes and put them on a rock and said "Take'em!" then ran off barefoot. I had not been barefoot for 10 seconds then I promptly cut open my toe on a rock. So we had a trail to follow! Mine! Logan had said that if we had gotten lost he could have found our way using my blood trail, funny stuff. So we hiked the whole way and got to the end of our destination. Which was a geo-cache, where we had hidden items we had stolen from our dates, well actually had the dates parents steal from them. I had forgotten to tell Zach that we had gotten something from Cherisa already, so he took something from her key chain, and put it in a jar of Marshmallow paste. Upth. Oh well! Everybody got their stuff back, and a few of the girl's never missed what we stole from them. Then we started hiking back, cause we were behind schedule! Imagine that! Oh! And it rained as we were hiking back! On top of everythinge else!
We hiked back, I got my shoes back, and Kammi did the whole hike with her nice shoes on. Sorry Kammi! Love ya!
Then we drove to Taylor's, where we were able to have a bit of food before the game. This was where we had planned to just spend some time chilling, playing a game, or watching a movie or something, and where Logan and I were going to play songs for our dates, songs we had prepared, cause that's what we do around here at Forsytheville, play Monopoly and guitar. :)
At Taylor's I made friends with da big doggy. That was fun. And Taylor's parents offered to sew up my toe, and I just said "No thank you! It's not that bad. *Under breath* Please, please don't stick a needle in my toe!" It was also here that Melanie ate something, and wanted to eat all of her food, so we left there a bit late.
We drove to Becky's where Melanie had her dress and stuff, when we got there as Melanie was changin, I told Logan to go get the corsages as we were waiting, cause I took everyone's advice and gave her some time to dress! Everyone tells me I have to give girl's lots of time to change! So I did, Logan went, and took Charelle to the game too. So as soon as Logan drove off Melanie was done changing. Crap. So we took Becky's car to the game as fast we could. Sorry Becky! But we were way too late for Melanie's drive around. Crap.
So Melanie decided that she was just going to wear the sash and the crown to the game and go play with the band. But we couldn't find a door open in the school so she could go change! Gah! I ran all around the school, here and there, there and here, until finally after trying the girl's locker room, and all the other doors, we got her into one! Geh! He he.
She changed and we went to the game. Now being in the band section for the game was a blast, it was fun being with everyone. The game was fun too! I was like the only person in the band section that knew what was going on, so I screamed for everyone! "NOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CATCH....YEEEEES!!!!!! YOU MISSED THE CATCH LITTLE SAN JUAN MAN!!!!! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!" or "HIT HIM HARDER!" or "OOOOOOHN!!!!! GOOD HIT!!!".
It was fun, Kirsten Finlinson was mimicking me, then we got a routine going with the balcony. Thinking man position, fist on forehead, head to side to side, we got like 5 people doing it. Then I started to mess with the cheerleaders, when they started spelling stuff like v-i-c-t-o-r-y, I'd just yell "I can't spell! I don't know what you're saying!" It was fun, everytime they started spelling I would just glare at them. Twas fun. Then as the band did their final numbers I led all those who weren't playing to rock out with me. It was fun! And, for those of you who didn't know, my date is the awesomest at the drums! It was amazing! She was just automatically doing these crazy drum stuff, I was way impressed.
The game got over and we marched back to the band room so Melanie could put the drum back, and as they were marching back Melanie started a drum thinger with someone else and they just played on! Amazing stuff!
We got everyone gathered there and established the next step. Meet at Jordan's and change. Logan and I would drop Charelle off at her house, and Melanie would take Becky's car back to her house. Thank you Melanie! Sorry I couldn't drop you off myself! But yeah. :(
Logan and I dropped off Charelle and went to Stef's house to grab our suits. When we got there we saw that my sister Jamie, had her hands full, she's married with no kids, and was put in charge of taking care of six kids! Overwhelming! Too much at once. So Logan and I went and got Ben and Emily from a school movie thing. We went there and then had to look for them for a bit, drove them back, gave Jamie a big hug and ran to Jordan's picking Charelle up on our way, not dressed in our suits yet, so Logan looked kind of silly.
When we got to Jordan's he was just heading off to pick up his date, so we felt a bit better. Logan and I rushed in and occupied any rooms we could use. Then we discovered that we had forgotten black socks! And Logan never got his shoes! So we had to borrow some stuff from Jordan! Thank you Jordan! We'll get those back to ya!
So Logan and I were all changed, and I rushed upstairs and Melanie had left! She had apparently forgotten my butaneer and had to run go get it! Ha ha! Love ya Melanie!
So everyone got there eventually and we got everybody's stuff put on. Melanie and I's went pretty well. But Tara's corsage broke right then, so Jordan's Mom whipped out floral tape from somewhere, that woman is amazing by the way, love her. So we got the fixed up, and everyone was ready to go! We all posed on a stairway in Jordan's house, Jordan's Mom took a picture and we ran out the door!
We got to the dance! An hour late! Ha ha ha! We payed and went, we danced for like 4-5 songs, then we all went to go stand in line for pictures. Which was a bad idea! Becky has since brought up that we should've just had a couple stay in line, then switch them out every song, so people could have still danced. Upth!
We went through the line and as we were near the door it came out that I had not told everybody about paintballing the next morning. But then I had to call my mom, and while I was on the phone the group voted and I got my planning privileges revoked. Bwa-ha-ha! And they thought it was a punishment! I would love for other people to plan this stuff! More than happy! So I was happy. We also did not get to go on our Denny's run cause of how late the pictures took.
We got done with the pictures and by then the dance was over. So we all went to the Purple Pickle. But not before we stole a ton of helium balloons! We all sucked those down, sang, talked, acted, twas fun. A lot of fun. We dropped Charelle off at her house cause she had a 12 curfew. Then Logan took everyone to Jordan's where everyone's cars were. We just kind of sat in there and talked for a while. The Denny's run idea had run out, bummer. Cause a lot of people were hungry. So everyone piled out and went home.
Except for myself, Logan, and Melanie. Logan and I needed food, and so did Melanie. So Logan and I were just like: "We need to get us some food!". So we started driving around looking for places to eat. By this time it was about 12:30. So everything was closed! The whole list is at the bottom here but we drove everywhere! As we were around Becky's house we dropped by and got Melanie's stuff, Melanie got to change out of her dress. But we walked in and found a half-concious Becky. Ha ha. Still in her dress hovering over a plate of potatoes, occasionally trying to fall asleep on the table. Tired tired girl. The truth is that she had gotten three hours of sleep the night before, so as we later found out, she slept 15 hours from 12ish to 5 in the afternoon! Gee.
Melanie got done, so we ushered her out the door and tried again to go get some food. We decided that Maverick was our last chance, we drove toward it, but then saw that Albertson's looked open! Lights were on! Signs lit up! Yes! So we parked the car, and walked up. Crap! Closed! They bamboozled us! Fine!
We went to Maverick then, and got ourselves some sandwiches. If you've ever seen the price tag on those sandwhiches, they're confusing, we finally deciphered that they were $2.49 to the 20th power. We couldn't tell.
But we finally got Melanie fed, so we went to her house and dropped her off. At about 1-1:30ish. She was ok! She was not in trouble!
By the way, the ongoing joke that went on in the Purple Van was about Helen Keller. This came about cause Logan was backing up and asked "Is there anything behind me?" I said "Oh, just a 7 year old blind girl. Go ahead" Logan started laughing so hard, so did Charelle. It was hilarious apparently. Then Logan said "That could only be worse if it was Helen Keller!" I said "Oh yeah that's great! 'Is there anybody behind me?' 'Oh, just a Helen Keller impressionist' *Thump*. Yeah, it was quite funny at the time.
So we finally got to Stef's at about 2, when we were supposed to be there at 12, horrible. There we found that Logan's shoes and our black socks were right beside the piano the whole time! Geh! Sorry agian Jordan!
We finally drove home, and on the way home Logan and I counted all the things that went wrong and got 82. But as of this moment the list is up to 100!
That was our date! I had a blast! Melanie was an awesome date! Thank you again Melanie! I hope everyone had fun even though shtuff happened! Rock on!
If you want to add to this list, just comment and I'll add it on!
Things that went wrong at homecoming.
1.Cross Country practice went later than expected.
2.Logan and I both had to shower, and were therefore later.
3.The corsages had not been picked up yet.
4.The purple van came late.
5.The purple van was sick.
6.We had to wash the Purple Pickle, and were later.
7.When we washed the van, it gave us 17 dollars in quarters! Dum!
8.When Logan and I got to the High School no one was there.
9.We started the whole thing about an hour late.
10.The Purple Van could not go where we needed it to go.
11.Taylor's car went “Gragugoughhh” on rocks.
12.I forgot the water in Garcia's car and had to go back and get it.
13.I forgot to tell everybody we would be hiking.
14.I borrowed a GPS from Becky and we never used it.
15.I left that GPS in Garcia's car. (Sorry Becky!)
16.We left Becky's cool looking steak/rock thing in Garcia's car. (Garcia! Get on it!)
17.Kammi wore nice dress shoes and had to hike in them.(I'm sorry Kammi!)
18.Melanie wore her nicest clothes and got them all muddy. (I'm sorry Melanie! Love you!)
19.I cut my toe after offering my shoes to Kammi.
20.It rained while we were hiking.
21.Zach gave away the secret location.
22.I forgot to tell Zach I had already stolen something from his date.
23.The hike took longer than expected.
24.Becky did not miss the item we stole from her.
25.Tara did not miss the item we stole from her.
26.We were not able to spend as much time at Taylor's that we wanted to.
27.We didn't do the face paint thing.
28.I scared Taylor's big dog by barking at it.
29.I forgot to get rolls from my Mom to bring to Taylor's.
30.We left way late from Taylor's.
31.We left way late from Becky's
32.Logan and I didn't get to sing and play the songs we had prepared for our dates.
33.We didn't play a game or watch a movie as planned.
34.I sent away Logan to get the corsages, leaving Melanie and I no way to get to the game.
35.Had to take Becky's car to get to the game. (Sorry Becky! I love you!)
36.Totally missed Melanie's Homecoming Queen ride around at the beginning of the game.
37.Charelle was late for the band.
38.Taylor was late for the band.
39.Matt was late for the band.
40.Could not find a place where Melanie could change! Had to run everywhere!
41.Melanie's sash kept on coming off!
42.We lost the Homecoming game. 14-0
43.It rained during the game.
44.We couldn't seem to gather everybody after the game.
45.Logan and I had to take care of something for my poor sister who is taking care of six kids by herself! Had to go pick them up from a school thinger. So we were lateR!
46.Took a while to find the kids!
47.The corsages kept on falling off of the seats onto the floor.
48.The hanger broke on my suit!
49.I forgot black socks.
50.Logan couldn't find his shoes so had to borrow shoes and socks from Jordan. (Thank you Jordan! From both of us thanks a lot!)
51.Couldn't find the corsage when Melanie walked in.
52.Melanie forgot my butaneer and had to run grab it.
53.Melanie's corsage kept slipping and breaking.
54.Tara's corsage never did go right.
55.Kammi's corsage kept on slipping.
56.Charelle's corsage kept on slipping.
57.Becky's corsage kept on slipping.
58.Took Tara and Taylor a while to figure out Taylor's butaneer.
59.Had to use tape to get Tara's corsage to even stay at all.
60.Jessica's corsage kept on slipping.
61.Cherisa's corsage kept on slipping.
62.Garcia did not get a butaneer. Upth.
63.Garcia grabbed a shirt out of his closet that looked like it matched Becky's dress, but it was green! Not brown! Upth!
64.We only danced for like 3 or 4 songs.
65.Garcia kept on stepping on Becky's dress.
66.Logan and I were early picking Charelle up for the dance.
67.Logan and I were not dressed when we picked Charelle up for the dance.
68.We were way late for the dance.
69.I didn't tell anybody about paintballing next morning.
70.We didn't go paintballing.
71.We didn't go on the Denny's run.
72.We didn't feed anybody after the game. (Except for the later crew)
73.We waited in line forever to get pictures, when we could have taken shifts.
74.Logan and Charelle didn't get pictures.
75.Logan and Charelle couldn't be in the group picture.
76.Zach had to use my shoes for the pictures.
77.People had 12 o'clock curfews.
78.I got a headache from sucking like 10-15 helium balloons.
79.We must have ran over that Helen Keller impressionist like 15 times! (Inside joke)
80.The lights on the Purple Pickle kept on turning off.
81.No good radio stations were coming in.
82.When Logan and I tried to feed Melanie, McDonalds was closed.
83.Subway was closed.
84.Burger King was closed.
85.Wendy's was closed.
86.Wal-Mart was closed.
87.Albertson's was closed.
88.In the middle of all this we had to go to Becky's to get Melanie's stuff that we had left there.
89.Becky was so tired she was falling asleep while eating.
90.Becky only got three hours of sleep the night before all this.
91.When we looked at the price for our sandwiches we deciphered that they were $2.49 to the 20th power! We had expensive sandwhiches.
92.We got Melanie home late.
93.Logan and I were a full two hours late to where we were supposed to be.
94.We got home at 2:30 in the morning!
95.As of this moment I left the water I bought in Taylor's car I think.
96.When we went back to Stef's we found that Logan's shoes were right by the piano the whole time! Sorry Jordan!
97.We also found our black socks.
98.Both pairs of our black socks, counts as two.
99.I forgot to hand out those plastic boxes so everyone could put their flowers and stuff in them!
100. Melanie left her makeup, jewelry, and hanger at Becky's house Friday night.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is me with no hands on my bike, while taking a picture of myself.

That's a picture of my worst blister. You can just see some of the others, they were all bad.

That's the troop on top of Brian Head, and that's me in the front row. I know, our pose is sexy.
That's Dylan asleep in the bathtub of the RV. For more pics and info on the camping trip go to: or/and, there different albums

The Newest and Coolest.

So far this has been a pretty good summer.
Went to Scout camp at the beginning of the month, that was fun. Got seven blisters on one hand! When you're riding down a trail and there are more 6-inch bumps than there are flat spots spanning more than a foot, handlebars shake, and blisters happen. But what ticked me off the most was the fact that I had seven blisters on one hand, and none on the other! I had blisters on the inside of my fingers, which I didn't think i could do with handlebars, but I did! Twice!
I also managed to ride my bike without hands, and then I took a picture of myself! The kid behind me though I no longer had a love for my life, but that's ok, it was a fun moment.
Came back from Scout camp a night early, thinking that I was going to come, everyone was going to say "Nice to have you back! Now get in the car, Lisa had her baby the day after you left, Mama is already there and we need to leave." But noooooo, instead I get home. I quote Katie "Yeah, we just got a call from Lisa wherein she said "I called to tell you, that nothing is happening!!!" So I missed a perfectly good testimony meeting for nothing. But, added bonus was that the guys from the slaughtering company came to pick up Jezabel, the big stupid sow who was a terrible mother and let all of her piglets die. So they came to pick her up, that was an adventure. Mamma and Daddy had left for town, and Mike was gone to help John haul sod. So Katie and I go out there expecting to deliver a few good kicks to this fat mass, and have it hop in, right? Pigs do that, they see a chance to leave, and food is inside this trailer, so they hop in!
The next two hours were spent trying to get this pig into their trailer. This entailed tipping her shelter up so she couldn't go in. Then we put a rope around her neck and tried to pull her in, and when she was about ten feet from the trailer she FREAKED OUT!!! We are talking a full on screaming flailing fit, accompanied with a very high pitched scream. I didn't think that a pig it's size could even do that! But oh no, she did it, several times, after bringing in assorted weapons, grain, and using the rope to leverage her in there, no, she would just scream and charge at the weakest link, a space in between people and she was gone. So we finally got a rope around her left front leg, and her head, put the rope around a beam of the trailer and began to pull. With her in such a fixed position we were then able to beat her enough that she got her head close to the trailer, (by the way we are talking serious beatings, there were fiberglass rods lying around from when we put up the electric fence, and Daddy, and both the guys who came to put her in took this pole and hit her right at the ankles until I was so sure she was going to start bleeding, it was crazy! Along with Daddy grabbing his whip and just BEATING her, but she was fine) So fine that when she got close to the trailer, we had her head up into it, we had plywood on both sides of her to make sure she didn't turn, and we could smell the end. But the leg we had roped was looking a little saggy, like she couldn't feel it cause we were torquing on it so much, so I think the man with the rope let it loose a little, the beatings continued. Daddy decided to take a turn at beating her, so Katie came to hold up the other end of the plywood that I was holding, about ten seconds after she got on the other end, that dang sow got her head enough away, pulling her head far enough away and threw herself toward the edge of the plywood that Katie was on. Alarum bells began ringing in my head, " Yo! The edge of that plywood will not hold her frenzied self and when she comes through that Katie will be a dead person". Sure enough, she broke that plywood edge off and began attempting to come over the top of it, but she was crazy and didn't think to go attack the human. Mamma was also hitting her with the slop bucket. So I got knocked down too, but I caught the edge of the trailer and got up to see Katie slightly under the plywood and attempting to fanagle a way to get up, cause the fence was also under her and being a real bother. So I grabbed her arm and saved her!
Then the real fight began. We all hate this pig by then, with an unparalleled passion. So the guy with the rope cranks on it again and gets her head close, then we begin beating the underside of her mouth to get her to get her head up, then we take a post and literally lift her front end in, and that only after a few tries and her freakishly flailing again. So her front legs were in, and we went for the back ones, by this time she was just screaming at us, not much motion going on. So we lifted her middle, then back end in. The guy beat her into the back and shut the door on her. HAA!
So that was my welcome home activity.
Then a week later! We went to California, there we got to see Sadie. Adorable baby, with baby fuzz in the strangest places, ears, arms, strange, but cool.
We also got to see "The Dark Knight", which was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. We got to see it in a California theater, and they had the volume cranked up, holy cow. But it was good. Very intense plot, twists all over the place. Heath Ledger did an AMAZING job with the Joker, too bad he's dead. :( Oh well! I guess they'll just have to throw the Joker in jail for the entire third movie.
We also saw Hellboy 2, highly entertaining, weird, but entertaining. The Director likes making the "Otherworldly" creatures look really otherworldly. But still highly entertaining.
We had our first Macbeth meeting today, and I saw most of a version of Macbeth, with Ian McKellan as Macbeth, it was an interesting view, but I like the version in my head better. Like King Duncan should be not so old, younger, and more "Yay Macbeth! You're a good guy, mind if I come over for a night or two? Wonderful! Your wife is so awesome I just lover her" NOT "Macbeth, you have done a great service. *pausing* I am very grateful to you. *longer pause* I owe you so much *pause* Banquo, I love thee also for what thou hast done. *pausing* Congratulations on the victory. *Ok, old man, just spit it out!* I'm going to go pray now. *What the?*. And Macbeth leaves. After his prayer is over. "We should go to his castle and honour him with my presence" *Long awkward pause this time* Where's my horse?.
Yeah, I like the version in my head better.
But we are starting official practices soon. We are also going to have it mobile and are planning on taking it to the surrounding High Schools, and to Shakespeare Festival where we will kick Elizabethean butt! Hu! The set is going to be fantastic, along with the symbolism and stylizing, going to be fantastic. We're also going to be doing fundraisers for it. Involving improv sessions for the public, and anything we want to put out there for'em! The improv and stuff is free to watch but we ask for donations, forcefully if needed. :)
School starts soon and it seems that this year will be pretty darn rough. My school schedule includes: A.P. History, A.P. Biology, Pre-Calc, Honours English, and a play class. Along with those I may have to do after school stuff for Macbeth, along with Wrestling, X-Country, Track, another play that Street wants to do and take to Region, and another student directed play that Ashton wants to do, all the while juggling these things, homework and any High School drama I am asked to solve.
I have found that I don't actually get involved in the dramas that happen in High School now, I just help them sort out. Mostly relationships, other people's relationships. Maybe that's why guys grow up to hate Chic-flics, cause they grow to hate the words "I miss her so much". So when that moment comes in the movie where the guy tells her how he can't live without her, blah, blah, the guys want to stand up and shout, "SHUT UP!!!! YOU INCOMPERABLE NINNY!!!!! BE A MAN AND GET OVER SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU POSTULENT BAG OF PUS!" Ok, so maybe not all guys get that urge, and I don't either..yet. But I can see why someone could grow to hate those moments.
Ok, so the situations I deal with aren't that bad, but they could be! And it's fun to joke about! It's actually just really sad to watch these guys who are so heartbroken.
Fun stuff, great times.

Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summer

Hey Guys!
Well I don't think any of you actually check this anymore, but I'll make a post anyways.
This summer's plans are pretty simple. If I get called out then I'm going on camp crew. I'm excited for that cause they upped the pay for that, it's now 11.65 an hour, with 12-16 hour days, I like.
Practices for Macbeth start at the end of July, so we're getting about 3 months on this one, which is a good bit more than we usually get, like last year we had two weeks to prepare for Shakespeare Festival, and we still took third. So with a whole month and a half, we're all pretty sure we're going to take it.
No musicals or anything this summer, though I've had all of the directors for them approach me. That was cool.
Working for Mamma and Daddy up here, making walls, and gardens.
Went to the Mormon Miracle Pagaent last Saturday, that was fun, went with two of my friends, Melanie and Samantha, them and a van full of Russian people! It was fun to be in the van cause Melanie is a very laughable, very excitable person, so the Russian people got a good laugh. Twas fun. Though the mosquitos were horrendous, absolutely horrible, swarms, and they were unafraid of bug spray, did not deter them in the least, so I got a blanket and covered all of me I could while still being able to function. :)
Birthday is coming up with a scout trip right after it, like the day after my birthday. But I've been told that Sadie's birth might interfere, but I'm ok with that! California and a baby are cooler than a bunch of sweaty scouts!
Yup! No dancing either this summer, there's no summer class, though Heather did try and have us do a performance for some Dutch thing in Elsinore, but the only people who were ok with doing a performance were basically, well, me! So that didn't happen.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Here are some cool videos that Stef got of me Dancing. The one below, called Belle, was a waltz that Heather had us learn in about two weeks, the Latin Medley is the one that we've been working on since I first got into Dance we just have revised and changed it over and over again. But that was the last time we will ever do that dance, kind of sad, I'll miss it.
In other news, it's Hell week, for my latest play "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare: Abridged" It's a farce/spoof of every single work of William Shakespeare. It is extremely funny, and should be a good time. Sorry I didn't get word out sooner to one and to all, but I've been involved in the play night and day.

If anyone wants to come see it, it will be
May 8-10 at 7:00pm in the High School auditorium.
(Stef added that part)

But then I have nothing to do! Track is over, the play will be over by the end of the week, we only have math left to do in the end of level testing region, and summer comes quickly!
It's been nice to have Mike back, he's kind of warped since he went from college life to program life, but he's still fun to have around.
Well there you have it!


Saturday, January 26, 2008


Well, that picture makes me look like an idiot. But that's a picture of Corban and I at Christmas. At that moment I'm trying out Chris's way of holding Corban. But after he got done being my parrot him and I listened to some music and I showed him the waltz.
My Christmas was fantastic, it was a month ago and I'm just getting around to putting it on here, but oh well, I'm at least putting it on here!
Mike, Wil, and I had a good time Christmas morning, we did not let the Parents sleep past 7. When the time came Mike and I chose a few Carols and did a wonderful harmony for our parents, for a minute we thought our singing we just putting them to sleep, but they got up.
Presents were distributed all around, Mike and I handed them out, while the parents watched Wil get into the tearing off of the wrapping paper.
I myself got an MP3 player which holds songs, picture, and video. Very nice and sleek, I'm enjoying it immensely. Also a dartboard, a large amount of throwing knives, book case, a pair of shoes, and Age of Mythology. Very enjoyable, having a good time. Christmas day we had the grandchildren crew come over later that day, and we all sat and ate, and watches Stardust. A very happy Christmas.
The next day we had Chris and Misty come over and stay for a while. It was nice to have them but they came and stole our bed! But we still loved having them there.
Nearing the end of the break we got to go help move Chris and Misty to their apartment. Mostly I got to sit there with Corban while peoples went and moved stuff, cause Misty had to go sign papers, so I got to hang out with Corban for a long while. He was supposed to sleep the whole time, but he drank his bottle. When I layed him down he just screamed for a while, I think he may have slept for 20 minutes or so, but then he started to scream some more, so I just danced with him some more!
Well, I'm going to include current events with this.
Twelve Angry Men is going nicely, we finally got our scripts! Though we still have pretty low attendance for practices, but it's moving along nicely. I'm one of the most angry characters, so I yell a lot, my voice gets hoarse. We will be performing nearing the end of February. There will be no admission since a production of Twelve Angry Men is touring right now. But we'll have a good time anyways.
For all of you who went to Richfield you will be surprised to hear that we may be getting a new Drama teacher! An old student of Mrs. Street's who is finishing up some things at SUU, whom Street thinks is the best thing since sliced bread, wants to come and teach at some place and settle down. So Street wants to hand it over to him and give her old heart a rest.
In further news, next year Street is now sure that next year, as a class we will be doing Macbeth, which makes us all very excited. Me especially because I think I would be the one who would get to play Macbeth! Which I would just love to death.
On February 18th, my dance team and I will be going to a dance competition at UVSC. There we hope we will be able to earn some prestige. My partner and I are also thinking about doing a dance, just the two of us, in a competition, and we're both pretty good, so it should be interesting.