Monday, June 23, 2008

The Summer

Hey Guys!
Well I don't think any of you actually check this anymore, but I'll make a post anyways.
This summer's plans are pretty simple. If I get called out then I'm going on camp crew. I'm excited for that cause they upped the pay for that, it's now 11.65 an hour, with 12-16 hour days, I like.
Practices for Macbeth start at the end of July, so we're getting about 3 months on this one, which is a good bit more than we usually get, like last year we had two weeks to prepare for Shakespeare Festival, and we still took third. So with a whole month and a half, we're all pretty sure we're going to take it.
No musicals or anything this summer, though I've had all of the directors for them approach me. That was cool.
Working for Mamma and Daddy up here, making walls, and gardens.
Went to the Mormon Miracle Pagaent last Saturday, that was fun, went with two of my friends, Melanie and Samantha, them and a van full of Russian people! It was fun to be in the van cause Melanie is a very laughable, very excitable person, so the Russian people got a good laugh. Twas fun. Though the mosquitos were horrendous, absolutely horrible, swarms, and they were unafraid of bug spray, did not deter them in the least, so I got a blanket and covered all of me I could while still being able to function. :)
Birthday is coming up with a scout trip right after it, like the day after my birthday. But I've been told that Sadie's birth might interfere, but I'm ok with that! California and a baby are cooler than a bunch of sweaty scouts!
Yup! No dancing either this summer, there's no summer class, though Heather did try and have us do a performance for some Dutch thing in Elsinore, but the only people who were ok with doing a performance were basically, well, me! So that didn't happen.