Wednesday, November 26, 2008

What we did today!

Today Myself, Mamma, and Anthony have accomplished a ton! We have taken pictures of all the food we made today. Which includes: 4 apple pies, 1 cherry, 1 blueberry, 2 chocolate, 2 coconut cream, 2 vanilla, 4 pumpkin 2 pecan, and 3 cheesecake, making 21 pies in all. Then we made a big bowl of spinach dip, a MASSIVE pot of sweet potatoe pie, (btw one massive sweet potato made 9 cups of boiled sweet potato!!!! Holy honker), Stef gave us a pan of sweet potatoes also, 4 loaves of cranberry coffee cakes, and 4 braided breads, and last and least, we broke up the bread for the stuffing.
Anthony and I also went down to Richfield wherein we got the turkey and potatoes from Stef, searched everywhere in Wal-mart and in Lin's for groceries, went to the storage unit to get the china, goblets, a tv and DVD player, and some boots. We also went to DI, got my yearbook from a friend, got some food at Taco Time, and came home.
Also Daddy made a trip all the way to Salt Lake this morning to drop off Logan and Angel. Started at 6 this morning.
That's what we did today! Yeah!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Self Sacrifice

The one quality that has defined great people throughout every era of time has been self-sacrifice, it's the one thing that can touch any heart, melt the heart of stone, and make a person strive to become better, to one day become like their idol.
Throughout history the people who have been remembered with the dearest expressions have been the people who gave something up for something they believed greater than themselves. What is great about these people is that they usually place everything above themselves. Examples of such beloved sacrifice of oneself are people like Mohatma Gahndi, Jesus Christ, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and of course Jean Valjean.
In the book Les Miserables the character Jean Valjean is the one you feel the most for. You see his life progress as he goes through it, you see his decisions, why he made them, and you grow to know him as you would a very close friend. This is a miracle of Victor Hugo's writing is that he makes you feel for his characters, he makes a fantastic character for the reader to understand and see in his writing, and Jean Valjean was his masterpiece.
Jean Valjean is the best model for self-sacrifice in the book. He starts the story in a prison which he got into because he was stealing bread for his sister's family, he became a hard bitter person and then was saved by the Bishop. He became a good man, a christian man, who ran a business and the town. He gave up all of his possessions, his accumulated wealth and social status to reprieve a stranger he had never met. He risked everything to save the child of a woman he barely knew. He raised the child as his own, risking life and limb to keep her safe. When she grew up and fell in love he risked everything, once again, to save him and bring him back to her, so that she could be happy. He always looked after someone else, he barely looked after himself. To the very end of his life he was looking after his loved ones, telling them that they need not worry aobut the money, that it was well earned money, legitimate. To his dying breath he expressed love and appreciation to his fellow man.
I believe that such self-sacrifice is one of the main reasons that this world remains tolerable to live in. The idea of non-selfishness, of thinking of others, is one that is being quickly forgotten in a world of “looking out for number one”. I find that an even greater tragedy than Les Miserables. People always need to be able to think above themselves, look to a higher cause, and serve it with all of their hearts and minds. People should be able to do things for other people, even if it's not in their own interest, they should do it, to make the world in general a better place. That's why Gahndi would not eat, and Mother Teresa lived in poverty, why Jean Valjean tore himself apart for others, they do it to make the world a better place, in the small ways they can, they make this little world that we occupy a more loving home. They combat anger with calmity, apathy with love, they are the antidote to the world's corruption. They are our lights, and many love them for what they've done.
I think everyone has a little bit of this in them, a little bit of love for people in general, most of us don't show it much, don't even use it much, but I think that we all need to take a lesson from people like Jean Valjean that is make the world a better place in whatever way you can.

This is an essay I wrote for English, I like it, thought people could read it if they wanted.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Backpack is back!

Just so you all know my backpack has been found! Yay!!!
It was in the school's lost and found, of course I don't know how it would get anyone near the school is cause I took it with me into the van to go to the gym, but I don't care!!! I have it back! Ha ha ha ha.
I got a part in the up and coming production of Arsenic and Old Lace, I am Jonathan, the homicidal, psychotic big brother, I guess I got that part cause I'm the only guy who can look a good scary, I am Mike's little brother, so we will see! Ha ha ha.
Casting for "The Dancers" will happen next week some time, I want to be the Assistant Director, just cause I think it'd be fun to play with this play, it's a Southern play, so it would be fun.
And I am so excited for Thanksgiving! I am soooooooo ready for the gluttony to begin! Yes! See you all!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Ruts, updates, and etc.

So, the play went off great! It really did! It was five days of adrenaline and constant improvement. The last night was the best one of them all. Loved it so much. The fights went well, there was soo much energy on stage, the audience was awesome, and everyone performed very well. If I find my total critique of it I'll put it on here. But I gotta find it first.
There was another dance. Twirp. I got asked by Amber Bybee, she's a downs syndrome girl in the High School who I always sit by at lunch. She's a real sweetheart. I spent most of the date playing with her, like when everyone else was playing dodgeball, her and I were playing catch, and pretend, hide and seek and stuff. It was way fun, and everyone in that date group thinks I'm the biggest sweetheart for doing that, but I just have lots of experience with William, and it's easy for me. That was fun. We had 24 people in our group, so we transported everyone around in a huge boat on a trailer, playing Beach Boys "Surfin U.S.A", over and over and OVER again. It was quite awesome.
But now we must discuss the strange rut I am in. I am cursed. I don't know what it is, but there are just days, or weeks where things just go wrong, way wrong. In A.P. Biology a quiz comes, I've studied like crazy for it, and I get a 68 on it. Geh. In Math I teach everyone about the test, I taught two people in specific, Garcia and Tara. Test comes, I get an 84, Garcia gets 105 and Tara gets a 95. I don't get it! In History there's a sub that tells us that we have to write our entire DBQ in 45 minutes, I hear a couple people say that Mr. Player's just joking with us, he's always had us do those at home. Well, I planned the whole thing out, but didn't write anything, didn't turn anything in. Turns out he was serious, and there's a lovely zero. In Biology I know everything about it, and once again I am teaching everyone about the topic. We have to answer two discussion questions, I answer them for everyone else, but forget to write my own, lovely zero. In English we're writing a report for this strange computer graded essay program, so write one, and I get a 5.6 out of 6, and so I write some more, add to it, submit for scoring again, and I get a 5.0! Bell rings, that's it. And to top it all, the lovely stinking cherry on top, I have lost my backpack with every single book, every single school assignment in it. I can remember getting into the Purple Van with it, went to go move Mamma's office stuff, and it has not been seen since. Last Thursday. We have no idea where it might be. I've looked everywhere it could be. In Mamma's office, in the school, in the van, everywhere I can think of. It's gone.