Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh yeah! I have a blog don't I?

Well, where do I start? Let's start with Prom!
Prom was fan-FREAKING-tastic!!! Thanks to my most wonderful Prom date: Cherisa Chappel. We started the date with some very entertaining Wii sports and a game that consisted of shooting bunnies with plungers, this game amused me very much. :) Playing Wii and eating food for a while. I quite enjoyed the bunny game, and Garret and I had some fun with Garret's made up personality called "Cookie". Haha. Anyways! After hitting bunnies in the face with plungers, we headed over to Garret's house for the dinner we had assembled. On the way there I get this call from Jordan Garcia. "Hey Thomas, where are you?" "100 North and Main...why?" "Well, you see, I have a flat tire" ".........You're serious?" "Yeah! I really am! We're over here on *Whatever* street, we just went off the road a bit and it just went kaput!" "Oh my heck man. Alright I'll be over in a minute, just going to drop off my date and the other people in my car, and we'll come see what we can do about your tire....wait, you do have a spare don't you?" "Oh.....I don't know, don't think so! Hahaha" "Fantastic man, geh, yeah, I'll be right there" So I attempted to drop off my date, but she ended up coming along for a bit, but then got to go eat some food after it took so long to change poor Jordan's tire. Ya see, his spare was actually under his car, and he goes off-roading quite a bit, and he hadn't used the spare in a while. So the little thinger on bottom was so caked with mud and rust that lowering it wasn't feasible yet, so I climbed under there and began whacking away so we could get the dang thing off. Meanwhile, Zach came to my rescue, since he had been told that last time I had changed a tire, I had actually popped all of the lugnuts off, like not unscrewing them. (This is not true! I was popping off the plastic covers on the hubcap. You see, I had never changed a tire on a car with those funny plastic thing before, so I immediately assumed they were some stupid idea from some weird asian manufacturer. Of course then an older, more experience person came up and popped the whole thing off, and changed the tire in no time flat. I'm sorry that I didn't know about the stinking plastic things! I'm used to changing tires on old farm trucks!)
Anyways, so we finally got the ding dang tire out from under the car, put it on there, and I fastened the tire on! *Without breaking off the lugnuts, than you very much!*
We got to the dinner just in time for people to be leaving. Also just in time for me to realize that I had left our Prom Tickets at my house. Dang it. But, after conferring with a few people I found out that you didn't absolutely need your tickets, just the record that you bought them. So we were good!
I changed into my Tux quick like, took Cherisa to her house. Picked up the corsage from Zach's, dropped Zach off at his date's house, and then went into Cherisa's house to face the parents!!! DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!!! Not really, it was just fine, we ended up talking about how each other's missionaries were doing. He only asked me one question that was a "test" question. He saw the Mustang and asked how fast I had gotten it, and I replied "Actually I haven't gotten it to any crazy speeds yet, I'm not allowed to." "Ooh! Trick question! You haven't YET?" "Oh. *Upth*"
But then my date came down the stairs and the photo shoot began! Man! There were a lot of pictures! I don't have all of them yet, but they took pictures and a lot of them! I'll post some of them.
After we got out of the house, we got in the mustang and went to the parking lot by the Track. There were more pictures taken, and Mustang was used as a background. But then we all loaded on to the Firetruck and rode to Prom!! Woot! Yes, yes indeed, we rode to Prom on a firetruck!
The dance was fun! Dance was good! I only messed up once or twice while doing the official Promenade. Then, I got to have fun dancing with my frickin SWEET coat tails! They were a lot of fun. And of course my Prom pictures were undoubtedly the best of all time. Yes, yes I was imitating the Scarlet Pimpernel. :)
The morning afterwards, the girl's took us all to Denny's for Morp, their way of saying thanks for taking us to Prom. Well, they instructed me to not put anything special on, to just hop in the car right out of bed. So I had some fun with that, when they came to get me, I had on a wife beater, and Gi pants. Oh yeah! Don't worry, I put on a shirt for them! But it still freaked some of them out! hahaha
Then the next day! Cherisa and I went four wheeling with Garcia and Tara, oh boy, that was riotous. I haven't really ridden a fourwheeler since we lived in Canada and we rode on them all the time. So, first we went up the mountain, and rode around in the snow, and that was fun. But then Cherisa drove down the mountain, and she was going all crazy around the corners, and then she was like rock crawling up this hill, and I'm sitting behind her wondering if I've turned into some kind of panzy since I last rode a four-wheeler. Well, ha ha, I didn't! As Cherisa can testify, I can still have a lot of fun on a fourwheeler! Woot!
Ok! That was Prom, I'll update the rest later.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Of all things great and small

Hey guys! I decided to update this.
First of all I would like to inform you all of what happened this last week. It started out with the usual Monday Morning Madness of trying to get all my homework and stuff done so I can maintain my grades in my classes. Actually I don't think I went to school on Monday, at all, I stayed home and did homework, but still making it into town in time to go to Dance Practice. I managed to get a lot done. I also figured out that it is very beneficial to e-mail your teachers, it works quite well! Because they always check their e-mail during the day, and will answer whatever you need during the day in their boredom.
Tuesday was hectic, I was turning stuff in right and left, trying to remember all that I needed to, I didn't of course, there's still some stuff that I forgot to hand in. Geh. Wednesday I did go to school, which I didn't really think I was going to, but I went. I was finishing up a lab as fast as I could, all day, in fact I went up to the tech booth during an assembly and hurriedly tried to do it. I did get it in, it was horrid, and rushed, but I did get it done. Then I started configuring getting picked up by the parents. Also the night before this my phone was lost in the rush back and forth to dance practice, play tryouts, and the school. I found it just before the parents showed up, at the stage, which was a saviour to my weekend. Ha ha.
The parents pulled up in the Mustang, and we managed to stuff everything we needed to in the mustang, food, bags, laptops. We did have to drop off my school bag at Stef's though, so no homework to be done! ha!
We had a nice drive up, where in I slept (Like I was instructed to! :) When we got to the hotel we discovered that most of the crew was still in Salina, since they had waited for Heather to leave town. And we are usually always late! ha ha We went into the hotel, a nice Marriott room. Then Katie and Jamie came to visit as I was in the shower, I came out to Krispy Kreme donuts! And my sisters! They were talking back and forth about the room, laptops and such things. I ate some, talked some, and then tried to get us out the door so that we could be on time...ish. We did get there on time...ish. Anyways, our practice went well I thought, a few lines were a little off. But that was ok, we could fix them relatively quickly.
Mama and Katie came with because they wanted to see the Cabaret practices, which began right after our practice was over. They were good, but not as good as last year's, I thought. We stuck around to watch all of them, and even got to see the group "Vocal Point" warm up for their rendition of the Star Spangled Banner for tomorrow. They were quite good, like a 8-person barbershop group, they had one note that one guy could not get exactly right until almost the very end.
We went back to the Hotel, I slept in the bed, and I just have to say that every other bed except mine leaves my back all hurt-y, don't know why, maybe they're too soft.
Our qualifying round went great too! I thought...our lines were pretty good, and only like one or two were way off. I was trying my hardest to smile as much as I could, I really was. Not every one else liked it as much, nor the judges I suppose.
I stuck around and watched a bunch of the dances, until I started to talk to a few of the other guys and found out that we desperately needed shoe polish, so Mamma and I ran to get some. We found some and I bought some wax polish along with it. The polish turned out to be for brown shoes, upth.
We went out and danced our best! I was smiling, energetic and executing as much flourish as my white boy personage could pull off. Though apparently in other parts of the team things weren't going so well, Cara straight up fell down at one part, a couple other people also made a few stumblings, and trips. Upth. I had a good time though! I was smiling winking and out right laughing some times. I must say it was quite a moment to be able to dance in front of all these people with one of the prettiest and most outstanding girls I know. So I was happy!
Well, we took seventh out of seven. ha ha, at least we didn't take fifth! ha ha. But that didn't bother me so much. What bothered me was that it seemed to bother my dear partner. So I was of course upset for her, and was tempted to go up to the main judge, shake him and tell him the whole story in full detail, punctuated with more shaking. I didn't though, now looking back I wander why not, I won't be coming back anytime soon, so I could have. He he.
We also got rides configured, since I thought I was riding down with the Benjamin's, but I wasn't in the end, but with Mamma and Daddy, in the early morning. I also discovered some of Mamma's wonderful photography, pictures included. I went down to show these to Nicole and her Mom, and Nicole's Mom immediately wanted some copies. Good job Mamma! While chilling with the Benjamin's I also got to play with Mancub for a while, or Zach Benjamin, and he's just too much fun. He pulled out Star Trek toys, models of the Enterprise and a Warbird, so we fought back and forth, in the end I had assimilated all of this ships since he insisted that he could travel Warp 30, which I told repeatedly that you couldn't even go Warp 10 since Warp 10 was the speed of light and you would turn into energy. That didn't work out too well, you try to explain to a third grader that E=mc2 proves that you would turn into energy when you hit the speed of light. Oh well, so I assimilated all of his ships and was using my shoes as space ships. I won! I say.
On the way back to the Hotel Mamma bought me a very spicy hamburger, which burned out my mouth all of that night, it was fun! My shake could not slake the burning unfortunately. Hot!
Next morning we just barely got there for me to sign into the office for first period, unfortunately by the time I got to Benj's class the bell had rung, so I was never actually in his class. So we didn't exactly know if I could go to State Speech that day. Well, no one physically stopped me, so I went! ha ha!
On the ride down I got to talk to Brooks and his following for a while, which was fun, and we discussed some philosophy and some Drama. Then Carter came on the bus, and that was fun too, it's been a while since I saw Carter, it was fun to see the change, he was much more mature since he was now a college student. Now he was even more entrenched in his Objectivist beliefs, which is strange, but to each his own.
To make a long story short, my day at speech went fair. I was doing Impromptu, which I must say I'm pretty good at, just make a good speech. My first speech was about Horses, likened them to what we use to get to our goals, and how we must use them properly. I got a 1 for that speech! Woot! Way good! Best in the room.
My second speech was more serious, and I simply can't do all serious speech, so I got a 3, not as good, hmmm. Then my last round just went completely kaput! Anyone who knows me knows that I remember stuff, I remember people, faces, movies, books, lines from that movie, quotes from the book, scripts, plays, I remember stuff. In my third speech I totally forgot two of my three major points! I had to look at my notebook, which sunk my boat all the way. The second I hummed and hawed I knew my rating was gone since the people in the room were pretty good speakers, so I made it funny. It went like "And my third point is...really good! Hold on a second!(Run to the notepad) Ah! Yes! It is still just as good! We must do it for the greater good!" Blah blah, but then I got a 5, out of 5 people. Making my last place quite secure. Bummer.
Friday night was spent talking philosophy with Carter and Alex, in the end convincing Carter that Abortion was wrong, and he should have a large family. Quite productive. Very interesting. Good job Alex!
On Saturday I had nothing to do, so I subjected myself to reading "The Jungle", I used Taylor's headphones and listened to loud music and read that horrid book. I got about 130 pages before I left with Chris so we could get to Mason's blessing. We only left after chasing the bus down to get my bag, putting in an hour of work in the apartment complex, configuring chores, giving Corban a nap, and getting a copy of the Jungle ready.
We got up North to join the family to join them at Fuddruckers and eat some good food. I ordered a 1 lb. spicy hamburger, which was way good! I couldn't finish it unfortunately, the spicy sauce they were using had this strange habit of getting in the back of my throat, so it burned more than usual. Interesting. Went with Mamma and Daddy to the Hotel, slept. mmmmmm.
Oh, another wonderful detail was that I got a call from Spencer Friday telling me that Heather's junior ballroom team had taken 3rd at the competition. Which made my depression complete, i had completely failed at State, we had hit rock bottom at the dance competition, and reading the Jungle put me in the mood of depression, major league. No bueno!!
On Sunday we tried really hard to get to the blessing on time, but there were these idiots blocking all 3 lanes of the freeway, going 20 miles an hour! So I got to sit in the Hog fearing for my life as my mother drove that 15 passenger at high Speeds, like unto a sports car. Scary! Daddy got in just in time to put his hand in the circle and be there for the very last bit. Whew!
We had a marvelous party at John and Chelsea's, I played with all of the Nieces and Nephews, enormous fun, and a lot of cuteness, snapping pictures left and right. Woohoo!
Went home, read the Jungle until 12:30 at night. Geh.
That was my horrific week! If it hadn't been for the enormously wonderful people surrounding me I think I would have been a complete wreck! So thank you so much to all of you! Thank you Nicole, for being the best dance partner a guy could ask for, for keeping that wonderful smile on your face through it all, keeping my heart nice and toasty! Thank you Katie for your laughing spirit and wonderful attitude, all the stories and letting me joke about your life a bit. ;) Thank you especially Mamma and Daddy who have done everything for me that was even possible! Thank you Jamie for bringing donuts, and helping me laugh for a bit! Thank you!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Wonderful Event

Something happened to me today that was very inspiring and a true piece of evidence that God is watching, and knows you in depth.
Today, I was feeling very much an individual. Last night I went to bed again without reading my scriptures, so I was already off of what was usual. So I felt like I should be totally independent, I don't need anyone, I don't want anyone. I did not feel like a full person. I kept on having lines of my poem run through my head, and I suppose I was taking it a little bit too seriously. "I do not deserve a haven of heaven, rather a hole of hell" I really did feel that I should be somewhere where I had to always bear my teeth and work my hardest, with no thought to anything else. I was in a mechanical, non-loving, all work mode. I was me, I didn't need help, I was going to make it through everything by myself. I didn't want to talk to people a lot, cause I didn't deserve to, and I felt I should be working constantly.
Sixth period I am an Elementary Aide, I go over to Pahvant and I assist the teachers with whatever they want me to do. As I walked over I saw a lot of cars pass, and after every one my mood was "Fine, go past, strange that everyone goes past, that's cause I don't seem like the kind of guy who wants a ride, that's good! Or maybe it isn't...something isn't right"
I got to the elementary, walked in, signed in, and began walking to my first class room. As I walked toward it I noticed this line of chairs and a stand with books on it, in the hallway. As I read the sign on the stand it said "If I'm busy with another conference, listen to your child read out loud the....." Crap, today is parent teacher conference's! Geh! I knew that! Wil didn't go to school today, so I should've known. Gosh dang it. So I sat down on one of the chairs in the hallway, and rested for a second, my calves hurted. As I was sitting in the chair I began to hear the conference in the room.
Teacher: "So you want to be a trapper when you grow up?"
Kid: "Yeah, it'll be the easiest thing, I just have to shoot an animal and sell it's skin."
Dad:"You know you need to actually do this, you can't be a trapper"
Kid:"Dad! Yeah I can, I can be like Buffalo Bill I can..."
Teacher:"You need to actually do you work if you want to, you need to.."
Then I couldn't hear what exactly they were saying, so I began thinking about what I was going to do when I got back to school. All of the sudden the kid came out, and he was cussing out his Dad to his full capability: "Dad, you are such a jerk! Why didn't you support me? You know I think we should trade places for a day, I'll sit around all day and play on the computer, and you can come here and deal with all these teachers, every day. You are mean to me. You are a mean jerk. You're a mean person, Hey! He's a mean person"
The kid was in the hall cussing out his Dad. Then I saw his Dad starting to come out the door. I noticed two things about him immediately, One: He was wearing army issue boots. Two: He seemed to have some sort of disability, he was swaying strangely, at first I thought he had a mental disability. As he began to walk out he was constantly leaning on a wall with one hand. I then realized what was going on. After a quick over look I noticed several signs and one assumption. The man had the upper body of a trained military man, he was wearing army boots, and he had a very passive face, even during the attacks of his son, his legs didn't go with any sense of control, his feet seemed to work well enough. I assumed this much, this guy was ex-military, then he acquired this disability, which took him back home and a home job. Which means he had all the physical capabilities a man can have, had a good job, and had respect, he didn't need help from anyone, now he always had to depend on something, and had to sit at a computer all day. As he came out he was leaning against the wall, as he came close to me he simply said, "I'm sorry, but I need to lean on you." No hesitation, no pride in his voice. He was humble, and accepting, he never even gave it a second thought. This man was totally acceptive of his situation. He went past where I was and continued to use the wall. When he came to the 4-way part in the hall, he took one step into the empty hall, locked his legs, and you could see he was thinking, "I'm going to fall". I came up behind him, offered him my arm and simply said "Sir?" He immediately said "Thank you" No hesitation, no pride in his voice, accepting, humble. I helped him along the rest of the hall. I realized then that this guy was greater than I could be, this guy took his trial, and accepted what help he needed.
I was humbled very much, and decided that I could learn to be more like him.

Monday, March 2, 2009


General Update an things goes something like this.
The next three weeks are horrible, hard, and hellish for me. First of all I have the BYU Dance competition next Wednesday, and for this, I have dance practice every day of the week. I also have Region and State speech, tomorrow, and next week. Prom is in three weeks. The quarter ends the Monday after Prom. Track has started, scheduling on that is still to come. So with Track practice, Dance practice, Speech Meets, Promenade Practice, and some nice hard classes, these next three weeks are horrible, but intense!
Oh! I popped my shoulder out, or something like it, I was wrestling around with Haas, and I had a really weird head lock on him, and I had all my body weight on it, and he was pushing out, and I felt something move in there, so I shoved him away, flexed and it popped back in. It hurt, but then Haas didn't realize how serious I was and thought it would be funny to give me a titty-twister in this, he did, and then promptly got a lovely kick in the shin for it, it was with the soft part of my foot, no actual sole of foot involved, but it still made him limp for a while.
Tomorrow I'm in the movie assembly for the school, I am both in some of the movies, and in the skits in between, so it should be interesting.
Oh yeah, this is a poem I wrote up on the spot, out of the blue, I had a random thought during the day, and just decided to follow up on that little character trait/thought, and I got this. It's freeverse, and pretty sloppy, but I just kind of like it.
I do not belong in a haven of Heaven
I do not deserve to be in this place of paradise
I’m not an angel sent to brighten the world
I’m an animal, a creature, sent to wipe the grime off
So an angel can shine for the earth

I do not belong with the shining souls
But rather with the damned souls of the depth
To be with them, to stand them up
Lead them to the light

I do not deserve to own a place of paradise
But to be given a forage of fire
To tame and quench to the Lord’s desire

I do not deserve an angel
To keep me happy as I go
But rather my sneering demons
To keep me company with their jeering

I am not meant to live in a state of peace
But to be burned and learned
To be tempered and tossed
To be folded and molded into something else
To be arranged for a halo
To one day join the ranks
The hosts of heaven one day

But that day is not today
And the time is not now
Now I must stand my own fire
To feel it’s burn across my skin
And revel in my burden
That I bear.
To pay the debt that I have incurred
To work toward Him, and his choir of angels
I have incurred a debt
This much is true
I can pay it, day by day
Made possible by an Angel from above

One day I can join the hosts of heaven
And feel eternal happiness
Because of my dear brother
He loves me so much
So much I don’t deserve
But he does all the same
So I work in the fire
To pay off a debt I owe
To try and repay
A debt unpayable.

God has angels here upon the earth
They hide their wings and their halos
To be with us.
But they can’t stop the glow
That flows from themselves
As they sit in one house
And spin out pure gold
They emit a golden light
A love undefined
Something so pure,
So fine, so rare
Something we all need to find
But to a creature of the night
A denizen of the deep
This light turns my head
And with a whisper says
“You don’t belong here yet”
The creature can never belong in this place
Until he learns his hard earned lesson
Until he purges his sins
With hellfire and pain
He can not belong in such a place
In a place of paradise
In a Haven of Heaven

No, the first person in this poem is not me, well, not all the way, in some ways, yes, i think, but in other ways not. I don't know, I just thought the poem sounded cool.
Rock on!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

General Update

Hey guys! I figured as long as I was putting up that Pay it Forward thing, I might as well update everybody.
This week is Hell Week, which is the official term for the last week of a play, when everyone is rushing, and stressing about the million and a half little details about a play. So I'm surviving as always, it's a good time.
For everyone's information I am not attending OLRC this summer, I have decided that I should instead stay and have an exciting summer, but stay near home so I can enjoy my last summer before all of my High School friends leave for the rest of my life, but! I will be attending the summer after, my Senior Summer, in the period before fall semester starts. Sorry Jamie! I am planning on coming up and visiting you for a week or two this summer! Still coming to visit!
The next play starting is "Arsenic and Old Lace" in which I am Jonathon the scary murderer brother who looks like Boris Carloff. Even better! The people we have playing the two old aunts are two boys, who will do a fantastic job and make it hilarious.
Classes are going well, the new term started so my grades are back at A's! ha ha, for a while.
Prom is coming up, so I get to deal with that. Goodie, goodie, goodie.

Pay it forward.

The Rules:
1. Be one of the first THREE bloggers to leave a comment on this post, which then entitles you to a handmade item from me - something crafty or yummy, who knows?!
2. Winners must post this challenge on their blogs, meaning that you will Pay It Forward, creating a handmade gift -anything!- for the first THREE bloggers who leave a comment on YOUR post about this giveaway!
3. The gift that you send to your Three Friends can be from any price range and you have 365 days to make/ship your item. This means you should be willing to maintain your blog at least until you receive your gift and have shipped your gifts. And, remember: It’s the Spirit and the Thought That Count!
4. When you receive your gift, please feel free to blog about it, sharing appropriate Linky Love!

If you are not one of the Top Three Commenters on this post, you can still play along. Go ahead and start your own Pay It Forward chain, and encourage your blogging friends to do the same! SO, REMEMBER... it is good... :) Pass it forward.

(I'm just not exactly what sure what Linky Love is. But the rest sounds fun!)

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey guys, these are the poems I wrote for English Class. I think they're pretty good.
My personal favorite is "Ode to my Popcan" :)

The Old Fool

The Old Fool
You know him well
He comes into your mind
He comes into your home

You'll see him on the street
losing his temper
shoplifting some chocolate
He's on the sidewalk
With a hat upside down
praying, hoping for your money

The Old Fool enjoys his job
he enjoys to come into your head
to knock on your door
till you can stand it no more

Til you crack your portal
and ask him what he wants
then he'll barge right in
That sorry Old Fool

He'll sit on a chair
right next to the fire
he'll take all your warmth
he'll take all your joy
meanwhile he'll talk
talk to you about it all
about his plans for you
the things you could do
all you could become
if you would just let him through

But you know this man
he's lead you this way before
you remember what his plan was
and it was not close to great
so you tell him to get out
he just smiles, winks, and says
“You sure about that?”
And unless you quickly answer no
he'll keep on talking
talking till you're not sure
maybe this time he's right

But you know this horrible relic
so you tell him yes
now get out of my door
he won't go, of course
he just keeps on sittin
finally you shove him
but he's heavier than you thought
you push, and you push
but he just won't go
no matter how hard you push
no matter how long you have
he won't get off that seat
til the world ends

So you decide to get some help
you get some close friends
some you've known forever
or so it seems
you and yours you push
and push and push
pain and grief ensue
the Old Fool is tough
but tough as he is
you prove the stronger
the Fool is out your door
what a pain, what a grief!
Never do that again!
But as soon as you've latched your door
he starts it all again
knocking, ever knocking

You ask your friends
does he ever go away,
they shake their heads
in a dismal despair
he never does
he never will
he's everywhere
and nowhere
and unless you persevere
he'll always come back
and sit right there.


Time is a song
A song that plays in life
It plays a melody
It plays on in neccessity
Not in cruelty

But many a person
regards it as such
They hurry and scrurry
To do what they can
before the music stops

They're strangely mistaken
In this belief
that the song of time's
most important part
is it's end
The only part they look at
the only part they'll think on
is the end of it all

So Time plays a sad chorus
for these people who
seem to not understand
that time does not play
to get to your end
it plays to keep you here

It's a song that heals and feels
They say that time will heal all things
that time will put it on the mend
All one has to do
Is simply to
listen to their song

Time plays a different tune
for each of us at once
For every one knows
That time passes strange
And different for every one

Time is a song
A melody ever playing
A symphony of life
Of energy at it's greatest
If only we can come
to truly appreciate it
then we can maybe live
the life we should be living.

The Man of Winter

You strap on your boots
You put on a coat
Socks you put on your foots
A hat you promote
Now you're safer
to fght with The Man of Winter

You step outside and feel him there
he's a biting presence
That makes us aware
He bites at your garments
he steals your flagrance

He's hated by most
But he's ok with this
cause he feeds on your hate
feeds it to an abyss
that hungers for your fate

The Man of Winter hates all
For what reason we don't know
We do know that his attacks install
A shuddering, shivering torso

He'll use his weapons
His arsenal of frost
frigid gust stuns
your breath of life he'll accost
He'll seep in your clothes
a bitter, biting gesture
he'll leave your hair froze
encased with white powder

He's biting and heartless
A Man of the Cold
Stealing the heat in your carcass
All of it infold

You may put on armor
but he'll find a seam
to make it colder
to make you scream
to freeze your bones
to slow your body
Death he condones
while striking you coldly
his snow and his frost
Your life will be lost

So beware the Man of Winter
He's a murderer inside
his icy, cold heart is bitter
A titan of the times
An elemental entity
that despises all humanity.

Ode to my popcan

He's shiny and sleek
and oh so good looking
he dresses to match
every time I see him
his shape is cylindrical
his top is round
he's my beloved wonderful popcan

With his cool sides, and smooth round top
he's my favorite thing about pop
it's the can I tell you
that's the coolest thing
With coolio colors
and stylized letters
Flowing deep, absorbing colors
that draw me in, closer and closer
until I succumb to it's wonderful ambrosia

When you pop the top
It speaks to you
A friendly kachshoo
It's greeting is awesome
it makes my hairs tingle
Then I drink long and deep.

I don't see why people throw them away
I know I don't
I keep them in a memorial
to their awesomeness
and boudacity
a giant pyramid in my room
of the way cool cans
Each a new color scheme
Each with it's own story
I'm sure they have them
they just can't say
in their short little kchshoo
how sad, how horrible
I wish I could hear their stories

How grand, how noble,
how great their stories must be!
To be melted and poured
to be painted and filled
to be shipped and packed
to be stored and coveted
to be drank and thrown away
Oh, the horror! The tragedy
the end of this wonderful thing
ends in a metal bin
alone among garbage
that doesn't look near as cool

I love my pop can
it is so cool.