Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

Hey! It's Christmas Morning! And here I am bored! ha ha
Yeah, I was up at 5 this morning, I've already opened friend's presents, and taken a lovely Christmas shower, and shaved, and everything else I could think of, but I'm still bored, and waiting, it's only 6, bother.
Yes, we have yet to open presents, and I'm doing my best to keep the true spirit of Christmas in my heart, and not get too excited for presents, though it's hard, I do like opening presents!
Yes, I've read the birth of Jesus according to Luke, and the prophecies of him by Isaiah this morning, and it really is the most wonderful time of the year.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

A Very Good Day

Today was a Very Good Day, it may not have been the best day of my life, but today was a good day.
The day started at midnight for me, because the previous day I had taken a lovely three hour nap, and was quite awake at that moment. So I was up and talking to anyone and everyone and I got into a discussion with Alex Street about the latest LD topic, and we debated until about 1:30 in the morning, then we stopped debating and simply discussed it. Then I looked down at the time and said "Enough! I'm going to bed!" It was a good discussion and I enjoyed it immensely.
Then Wil woke me up at 4 throwing up, that was bad, but it didn't make the whole day bad.
I slept in until about 6:50 where I ran out and milked the cow at superhuman speeds, then threw on a shirt and some deodorant and ran out the door. I almost made it to class on time, but my teacher Mr. Benjamin, the good person he is, asked me "How bad were the roads?" I said "Atrocious" he said "Sit down" so I did not have to suffer because of bad roads! Second plus of the day.
Then in that same class, in English we got to go into the Theater in the SVC and listen to Mr. Benjamin, his wife, two of his daughters, Auriala, and Mr. Pearson sing different Les Miserables songs as examples of poetry, and I quite enjoyed that also.
In A.P. Biology we talked about Meiosis for a bit, and then started watching the movie "Gattaca". Good movie, and no enormous note taking, so nice.
In A.P. History we had to take the essay test that we had all skipped the previous day because of ACT stuff. I wrote three and a half pages in the essay, covering everything that needed to be covered, in detail, and I'm quite positive I will get an excellent grade out of it.
At lunch I went and sat with some different people and had a wonderful time talking about everything from U.S. policy on foreign courts, to how you could make rice stick onto a stick, and how to eat it. ;) Good times! I also got half of a pretty good tuna sandwhich in exchange for some plastic tasting chicken nuggets! Bonus!
In Seminary we got to talk and laugh with our dear Brother Steele for a while, then watch the rest of the movie he's showing us, almost all of it, but it was also a good time, I love my seminary class.
In Weightlifting we had the greatest time ever. We played a game called two-base, it's basically kickball, only there are multiple runners and they can run whenever, before, during, and after the ball is kicked. It was us against the girl's P.E. class, and we had so much fun trouncing them. When we would rotate so we were kicking, and they were in the outfield, several of us would just start running, and score 2 points before the ball was even kicked. Then our whole weightlifting class just had a good time, we were screaming at Coach Clark (Jokingly of course, messing with him as usual) then we had kids carrying other kids around the bases, they did succeed one of the times! We were hitting random people and screaming while running, it was a good game.
After school was over I got to mess around with Stoker and Brooks with guitars, which is always a good time.
Brooks gave me a ride to the Benjamin's where I caught a ride to the party our dance team was throwing at the time. With good food, and good entertainment, I was happy.
They had Dance Dance Revolution, which I was horrible at, I had more fun making funny faces and goofing off while other people were playing than I did in actually playing, goofing off was much more fun.
Then Twister got pulled out! We played a couple rounds, but then a round started with Myself, Nicole Benjamin (My partner) and Lauren Benjamin (Obviously her sister). Lauren lost early on, but then it was just me and Nicole on the mat, and we have both discovered that we are both very good at Twister. The next 45 minutes were spent in the attempt to try and get Nicole or I to fail. It didn't work, finally Nicole and I agreed to an honorable draw. But boy was it fun! Occassionally I would attempt to throw Nicole off by putting my leg or hand way into her space so she would have to find elsewhere to put her limbs, but it didn't work, she's too good.
I got a ride with the Benjamin's into town where I met with Daddy and went shopping for party food for the boys, I was very thrifty, and got a rather cute store attendant to follow me out to the car, I was in a flirtatious mood.
So I got the boys their junk food, and they gave me hugs and stuff thanking me and telling me that this may be the last time I see them.
BUT! Before they left they had to see how much I could bench! Since they are such work out fanatics they can't believe that I can bench more than them since I only work out for 45 minutes a day. But I win. It started with 155, which I did three times as a warm-up, which some of them were doing as their max, then we got to my max, so we added 25's on to the bar, making the total weight 185. I did it easily, piece of cake, so we added on another 5 pounds, once again I did it, so we added on another five pounds and that I did with a finger touch, he didn't help, just did the finger touch. So I left them with a tromping of 195 to 155. Also makes me happy.
I came home, and watched "The Dark Knight". Now I shall go read my scriptures and sleep!
Good day to one and all!