Sunday, September 21, 2008

Homecoming and life.

Hello all of you that read this!
I decided that homecoming would be a good thing to write a blog about, cause it was awesome!
It was a blast! I shall publish a list of all the things that went wrong at the end of this, but just remember that even all that happened, I think all of us still had a great time!
So our original plan was to start it at 2:30, pick up everyone's dates and be gone to the hike by 3. Bwa-ha-ha. Cross Country practice went later than expected, so Taylor, Garcia and I said, alright let's start it at 2:45, that'll be enough right? Well, I ran to my sister's house with my clothes, and was confronted by Logan starting his shower, so I promptly collapsed on the floor with my niece. Logan got out and I rushed into the shower and did a speedy shower. By the time I got out of the shower and was dressed and all that the purple van had come, thank goodness! But then I got the news that the van could not take upgrades or hills. Crap. So then we couldn't take it to get to the hiking spot. Ok, but we can still pick up dates in it! So we got in, and realized that it needed to be washed pretty bad, so Logan and I drove to the drive in car wash, cause we didn't want to get wet, and it'd be fast right? Well, there was a car ahead of us, that had just barely started. As we were waiting for them to get done, Garcia drives behind us and says he needs to wash his car too! So now we both have to wash our cars!
The guy gets done with his wash, so now I can put my money in, I put in a 20, and the dang machine gives me my change in quarters! $16.50 in quarters! It was like winning the lottery! Leaning out of the van at the change dish grabbing handfuls and giving them to Logan as fast as I could so none of them dropped out! Filled up a cup holder with quarters, and we were ready to go! We drove through as quick as we could, while having the little washer arms barely missing our side mirrors. Then drive away quickly! We also drove to Albertson's and grabbed a case of water for the hike! As quick as we could.
We got to the High School at 3:30, horrible. We drive up and see Taylor's car, and Jordan's car we thought, but no people. We drove all around the school, I ran all over in the school, and still no one! So we decided that we were just going to go get Charelle. So we drove over there. There we met up with Garcia and Becky, who were carrying Melanie! I got my date from them, and had them call Taylor and those guys to see what was going on (Neither Logan or I had a cellphone between us). They were all together and were heading to the High School at that moment. So we loaded up and went to the High School.
At the High School we finally had everybody, I told everyone about the purple van, and how we would have to use all their cars to go to our destination. And told the story of the quarters.
So we all loaded up and went to our destination, which was the starting of a really pretty trail that led into a canyon. I was in Garcia's car, he got to a certain point and said he could not take his Beemer any more, cause he would get killed if it got hurt. Understandable. So we got out and piled into the other two cars. We got to the point where going any further would mean certain damage to the cars, so we stopped and parked. But before we stopped, we decided to see if we could go further in Taylor's car, which entailed many a scary sound coming from the bottom of his car as it scraped against rocks. Upth.
As we were about to start I realized I had left the water in Garcia's car! So Taylor and I went and got it from his car. Drove back as fast as we could without dying. By then the whole crew was like a half mile down the trail. Thank goodness Taylor and I are Cross Country! Taylor was the real animal, he was carrying like 12 of the bottles in a bad he had in the back of his car, while running. Good man.
Then we caught up with everybody, then I discovered that I must have neglected to tell everyone that we were going to be hiking, Kammi had worn nice white dress shoes, Melanie had worn her nicest clothes. Crap. So I offered my shoes to Kammi, she said no of course, but I took off my shoes and put them on a rock and said "Take'em!" then ran off barefoot. I had not been barefoot for 10 seconds then I promptly cut open my toe on a rock. So we had a trail to follow! Mine! Logan had said that if we had gotten lost he could have found our way using my blood trail, funny stuff. So we hiked the whole way and got to the end of our destination. Which was a geo-cache, where we had hidden items we had stolen from our dates, well actually had the dates parents steal from them. I had forgotten to tell Zach that we had gotten something from Cherisa already, so he took something from her key chain, and put it in a jar of Marshmallow paste. Upth. Oh well! Everybody got their stuff back, and a few of the girl's never missed what we stole from them. Then we started hiking back, cause we were behind schedule! Imagine that! Oh! And it rained as we were hiking back! On top of everythinge else!
We hiked back, I got my shoes back, and Kammi did the whole hike with her nice shoes on. Sorry Kammi! Love ya!
Then we drove to Taylor's, where we were able to have a bit of food before the game. This was where we had planned to just spend some time chilling, playing a game, or watching a movie or something, and where Logan and I were going to play songs for our dates, songs we had prepared, cause that's what we do around here at Forsytheville, play Monopoly and guitar. :)
At Taylor's I made friends with da big doggy. That was fun. And Taylor's parents offered to sew up my toe, and I just said "No thank you! It's not that bad. *Under breath* Please, please don't stick a needle in my toe!" It was also here that Melanie ate something, and wanted to eat all of her food, so we left there a bit late.
We drove to Becky's where Melanie had her dress and stuff, when we got there as Melanie was changin, I told Logan to go get the corsages as we were waiting, cause I took everyone's advice and gave her some time to dress! Everyone tells me I have to give girl's lots of time to change! So I did, Logan went, and took Charelle to the game too. So as soon as Logan drove off Melanie was done changing. Crap. So we took Becky's car to the game as fast we could. Sorry Becky! But we were way too late for Melanie's drive around. Crap.
So Melanie decided that she was just going to wear the sash and the crown to the game and go play with the band. But we couldn't find a door open in the school so she could go change! Gah! I ran all around the school, here and there, there and here, until finally after trying the girl's locker room, and all the other doors, we got her into one! Geh! He he.
She changed and we went to the game. Now being in the band section for the game was a blast, it was fun being with everyone. The game was fun too! I was like the only person in the band section that knew what was going on, so I screamed for everyone! "NOOOOOOOOOOOO! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CATCH....YEEEEES!!!!!! YOU MISSED THE CATCH LITTLE SAN JUAN MAN!!!!! BWA-HA-HA-HA!!!" or "HIT HIM HARDER!" or "OOOOOOHN!!!!! GOOD HIT!!!".
It was fun, Kirsten Finlinson was mimicking me, then we got a routine going with the balcony. Thinking man position, fist on forehead, head to side to side, we got like 5 people doing it. Then I started to mess with the cheerleaders, when they started spelling stuff like v-i-c-t-o-r-y, I'd just yell "I can't spell! I don't know what you're saying!" It was fun, everytime they started spelling I would just glare at them. Twas fun. Then as the band did their final numbers I led all those who weren't playing to rock out with me. It was fun! And, for those of you who didn't know, my date is the awesomest at the drums! It was amazing! She was just automatically doing these crazy drum stuff, I was way impressed.
The game got over and we marched back to the band room so Melanie could put the drum back, and as they were marching back Melanie started a drum thinger with someone else and they just played on! Amazing stuff!
We got everyone gathered there and established the next step. Meet at Jordan's and change. Logan and I would drop Charelle off at her house, and Melanie would take Becky's car back to her house. Thank you Melanie! Sorry I couldn't drop you off myself! But yeah. :(
Logan and I dropped off Charelle and went to Stef's house to grab our suits. When we got there we saw that my sister Jamie, had her hands full, she's married with no kids, and was put in charge of taking care of six kids! Overwhelming! Too much at once. So Logan and I went and got Ben and Emily from a school movie thing. We went there and then had to look for them for a bit, drove them back, gave Jamie a big hug and ran to Jordan's picking Charelle up on our way, not dressed in our suits yet, so Logan looked kind of silly.
When we got to Jordan's he was just heading off to pick up his date, so we felt a bit better. Logan and I rushed in and occupied any rooms we could use. Then we discovered that we had forgotten black socks! And Logan never got his shoes! So we had to borrow some stuff from Jordan! Thank you Jordan! We'll get those back to ya!
So Logan and I were all changed, and I rushed upstairs and Melanie had left! She had apparently forgotten my butaneer and had to run go get it! Ha ha! Love ya Melanie!
So everyone got there eventually and we got everybody's stuff put on. Melanie and I's went pretty well. But Tara's corsage broke right then, so Jordan's Mom whipped out floral tape from somewhere, that woman is amazing by the way, love her. So we got the fixed up, and everyone was ready to go! We all posed on a stairway in Jordan's house, Jordan's Mom took a picture and we ran out the door!
We got to the dance! An hour late! Ha ha ha! We payed and went, we danced for like 4-5 songs, then we all went to go stand in line for pictures. Which was a bad idea! Becky has since brought up that we should've just had a couple stay in line, then switch them out every song, so people could have still danced. Upth!
We went through the line and as we were near the door it came out that I had not told everybody about paintballing the next morning. But then I had to call my mom, and while I was on the phone the group voted and I got my planning privileges revoked. Bwa-ha-ha! And they thought it was a punishment! I would love for other people to plan this stuff! More than happy! So I was happy. We also did not get to go on our Denny's run cause of how late the pictures took.
We got done with the pictures and by then the dance was over. So we all went to the Purple Pickle. But not before we stole a ton of helium balloons! We all sucked those down, sang, talked, acted, twas fun. A lot of fun. We dropped Charelle off at her house cause she had a 12 curfew. Then Logan took everyone to Jordan's where everyone's cars were. We just kind of sat in there and talked for a while. The Denny's run idea had run out, bummer. Cause a lot of people were hungry. So everyone piled out and went home.
Except for myself, Logan, and Melanie. Logan and I needed food, and so did Melanie. So Logan and I were just like: "We need to get us some food!". So we started driving around looking for places to eat. By this time it was about 12:30. So everything was closed! The whole list is at the bottom here but we drove everywhere! As we were around Becky's house we dropped by and got Melanie's stuff, Melanie got to change out of her dress. But we walked in and found a half-concious Becky. Ha ha. Still in her dress hovering over a plate of potatoes, occasionally trying to fall asleep on the table. Tired tired girl. The truth is that she had gotten three hours of sleep the night before, so as we later found out, she slept 15 hours from 12ish to 5 in the afternoon! Gee.
Melanie got done, so we ushered her out the door and tried again to go get some food. We decided that Maverick was our last chance, we drove toward it, but then saw that Albertson's looked open! Lights were on! Signs lit up! Yes! So we parked the car, and walked up. Crap! Closed! They bamboozled us! Fine!
We went to Maverick then, and got ourselves some sandwiches. If you've ever seen the price tag on those sandwhiches, they're confusing, we finally deciphered that they were $2.49 to the 20th power. We couldn't tell.
But we finally got Melanie fed, so we went to her house and dropped her off. At about 1-1:30ish. She was ok! She was not in trouble!
By the way, the ongoing joke that went on in the Purple Van was about Helen Keller. This came about cause Logan was backing up and asked "Is there anything behind me?" I said "Oh, just a 7 year old blind girl. Go ahead" Logan started laughing so hard, so did Charelle. It was hilarious apparently. Then Logan said "That could only be worse if it was Helen Keller!" I said "Oh yeah that's great! 'Is there anybody behind me?' 'Oh, just a Helen Keller impressionist' *Thump*. Yeah, it was quite funny at the time.
So we finally got to Stef's at about 2, when we were supposed to be there at 12, horrible. There we found that Logan's shoes and our black socks were right beside the piano the whole time! Geh! Sorry agian Jordan!
We finally drove home, and on the way home Logan and I counted all the things that went wrong and got 82. But as of this moment the list is up to 100!
That was our date! I had a blast! Melanie was an awesome date! Thank you again Melanie! I hope everyone had fun even though shtuff happened! Rock on!
If you want to add to this list, just comment and I'll add it on!
Things that went wrong at homecoming.
1.Cross Country practice went later than expected.
2.Logan and I both had to shower, and were therefore later.
3.The corsages had not been picked up yet.
4.The purple van came late.
5.The purple van was sick.
6.We had to wash the Purple Pickle, and were later.
7.When we washed the van, it gave us 17 dollars in quarters! Dum!
8.When Logan and I got to the High School no one was there.
9.We started the whole thing about an hour late.
10.The Purple Van could not go where we needed it to go.
11.Taylor's car went “Gragugoughhh” on rocks.
12.I forgot the water in Garcia's car and had to go back and get it.
13.I forgot to tell everybody we would be hiking.
14.I borrowed a GPS from Becky and we never used it.
15.I left that GPS in Garcia's car. (Sorry Becky!)
16.We left Becky's cool looking steak/rock thing in Garcia's car. (Garcia! Get on it!)
17.Kammi wore nice dress shoes and had to hike in them.(I'm sorry Kammi!)
18.Melanie wore her nicest clothes and got them all muddy. (I'm sorry Melanie! Love you!)
19.I cut my toe after offering my shoes to Kammi.
20.It rained while we were hiking.
21.Zach gave away the secret location.
22.I forgot to tell Zach I had already stolen something from his date.
23.The hike took longer than expected.
24.Becky did not miss the item we stole from her.
25.Tara did not miss the item we stole from her.
26.We were not able to spend as much time at Taylor's that we wanted to.
27.We didn't do the face paint thing.
28.I scared Taylor's big dog by barking at it.
29.I forgot to get rolls from my Mom to bring to Taylor's.
30.We left way late from Taylor's.
31.We left way late from Becky's
32.Logan and I didn't get to sing and play the songs we had prepared for our dates.
33.We didn't play a game or watch a movie as planned.
34.I sent away Logan to get the corsages, leaving Melanie and I no way to get to the game.
35.Had to take Becky's car to get to the game. (Sorry Becky! I love you!)
36.Totally missed Melanie's Homecoming Queen ride around at the beginning of the game.
37.Charelle was late for the band.
38.Taylor was late for the band.
39.Matt was late for the band.
40.Could not find a place where Melanie could change! Had to run everywhere!
41.Melanie's sash kept on coming off!
42.We lost the Homecoming game. 14-0
43.It rained during the game.
44.We couldn't seem to gather everybody after the game.
45.Logan and I had to take care of something for my poor sister who is taking care of six kids by herself! Had to go pick them up from a school thinger. So we were lateR!
46.Took a while to find the kids!
47.The corsages kept on falling off of the seats onto the floor.
48.The hanger broke on my suit!
49.I forgot black socks.
50.Logan couldn't find his shoes so had to borrow shoes and socks from Jordan. (Thank you Jordan! From both of us thanks a lot!)
51.Couldn't find the corsage when Melanie walked in.
52.Melanie forgot my butaneer and had to run grab it.
53.Melanie's corsage kept slipping and breaking.
54.Tara's corsage never did go right.
55.Kammi's corsage kept on slipping.
56.Charelle's corsage kept on slipping.
57.Becky's corsage kept on slipping.
58.Took Tara and Taylor a while to figure out Taylor's butaneer.
59.Had to use tape to get Tara's corsage to even stay at all.
60.Jessica's corsage kept on slipping.
61.Cherisa's corsage kept on slipping.
62.Garcia did not get a butaneer. Upth.
63.Garcia grabbed a shirt out of his closet that looked like it matched Becky's dress, but it was green! Not brown! Upth!
64.We only danced for like 3 or 4 songs.
65.Garcia kept on stepping on Becky's dress.
66.Logan and I were early picking Charelle up for the dance.
67.Logan and I were not dressed when we picked Charelle up for the dance.
68.We were way late for the dance.
69.I didn't tell anybody about paintballing next morning.
70.We didn't go paintballing.
71.We didn't go on the Denny's run.
72.We didn't feed anybody after the game. (Except for the later crew)
73.We waited in line forever to get pictures, when we could have taken shifts.
74.Logan and Charelle didn't get pictures.
75.Logan and Charelle couldn't be in the group picture.
76.Zach had to use my shoes for the pictures.
77.People had 12 o'clock curfews.
78.I got a headache from sucking like 10-15 helium balloons.
79.We must have ran over that Helen Keller impressionist like 15 times! (Inside joke)
80.The lights on the Purple Pickle kept on turning off.
81.No good radio stations were coming in.
82.When Logan and I tried to feed Melanie, McDonalds was closed.
83.Subway was closed.
84.Burger King was closed.
85.Wendy's was closed.
86.Wal-Mart was closed.
87.Albertson's was closed.
88.In the middle of all this we had to go to Becky's to get Melanie's stuff that we had left there.
89.Becky was so tired she was falling asleep while eating.
90.Becky only got three hours of sleep the night before all this.
91.When we looked at the price for our sandwiches we deciphered that they were $2.49 to the 20th power! We had expensive sandwhiches.
92.We got Melanie home late.
93.Logan and I were a full two hours late to where we were supposed to be.
94.We got home at 2:30 in the morning!
95.As of this moment I left the water I bought in Taylor's car I think.
96.When we went back to Stef's we found that Logan's shoes were right by the piano the whole time! Sorry Jordan!
97.We also found our black socks.
98.Both pairs of our black socks, counts as two.
99.I forgot to hand out those plastic boxes so everyone could put their flowers and stuff in them!
100. Melanie left her makeup, jewelry, and hanger at Becky's house Friday night.