Thursday, January 8, 2009


Hey guys, these are the poems I wrote for English Class. I think they're pretty good.
My personal favorite is "Ode to my Popcan" :)

The Old Fool

The Old Fool
You know him well
He comes into your mind
He comes into your home

You'll see him on the street
losing his temper
shoplifting some chocolate
He's on the sidewalk
With a hat upside down
praying, hoping for your money

The Old Fool enjoys his job
he enjoys to come into your head
to knock on your door
till you can stand it no more

Til you crack your portal
and ask him what he wants
then he'll barge right in
That sorry Old Fool

He'll sit on a chair
right next to the fire
he'll take all your warmth
he'll take all your joy
meanwhile he'll talk
talk to you about it all
about his plans for you
the things you could do
all you could become
if you would just let him through

But you know this man
he's lead you this way before
you remember what his plan was
and it was not close to great
so you tell him to get out
he just smiles, winks, and says
“You sure about that?”
And unless you quickly answer no
he'll keep on talking
talking till you're not sure
maybe this time he's right

But you know this horrible relic
so you tell him yes
now get out of my door
he won't go, of course
he just keeps on sittin
finally you shove him
but he's heavier than you thought
you push, and you push
but he just won't go
no matter how hard you push
no matter how long you have
he won't get off that seat
til the world ends

So you decide to get some help
you get some close friends
some you've known forever
or so it seems
you and yours you push
and push and push
pain and grief ensue
the Old Fool is tough
but tough as he is
you prove the stronger
the Fool is out your door
what a pain, what a grief!
Never do that again!
But as soon as you've latched your door
he starts it all again
knocking, ever knocking

You ask your friends
does he ever go away,
they shake their heads
in a dismal despair
he never does
he never will
he's everywhere
and nowhere
and unless you persevere
he'll always come back
and sit right there.


Time is a song
A song that plays in life
It plays a melody
It plays on in neccessity
Not in cruelty

But many a person
regards it as such
They hurry and scrurry
To do what they can
before the music stops

They're strangely mistaken
In this belief
that the song of time's
most important part
is it's end
The only part they look at
the only part they'll think on
is the end of it all

So Time plays a sad chorus
for these people who
seem to not understand
that time does not play
to get to your end
it plays to keep you here

It's a song that heals and feels
They say that time will heal all things
that time will put it on the mend
All one has to do
Is simply to
listen to their song

Time plays a different tune
for each of us at once
For every one knows
That time passes strange
And different for every one

Time is a song
A melody ever playing
A symphony of life
Of energy at it's greatest
If only we can come
to truly appreciate it
then we can maybe live
the life we should be living.

The Man of Winter

You strap on your boots
You put on a coat
Socks you put on your foots
A hat you promote
Now you're safer
to fght with The Man of Winter

You step outside and feel him there
he's a biting presence
That makes us aware
He bites at your garments
he steals your flagrance

He's hated by most
But he's ok with this
cause he feeds on your hate
feeds it to an abyss
that hungers for your fate

The Man of Winter hates all
For what reason we don't know
We do know that his attacks install
A shuddering, shivering torso

He'll use his weapons
His arsenal of frost
frigid gust stuns
your breath of life he'll accost
He'll seep in your clothes
a bitter, biting gesture
he'll leave your hair froze
encased with white powder

He's biting and heartless
A Man of the Cold
Stealing the heat in your carcass
All of it infold

You may put on armor
but he'll find a seam
to make it colder
to make you scream
to freeze your bones
to slow your body
Death he condones
while striking you coldly
his snow and his frost
Your life will be lost

So beware the Man of Winter
He's a murderer inside
his icy, cold heart is bitter
A titan of the times
An elemental entity
that despises all humanity.

Ode to my popcan

He's shiny and sleek
and oh so good looking
he dresses to match
every time I see him
his shape is cylindrical
his top is round
he's my beloved wonderful popcan

With his cool sides, and smooth round top
he's my favorite thing about pop
it's the can I tell you
that's the coolest thing
With coolio colors
and stylized letters
Flowing deep, absorbing colors
that draw me in, closer and closer
until I succumb to it's wonderful ambrosia

When you pop the top
It speaks to you
A friendly kachshoo
It's greeting is awesome
it makes my hairs tingle
Then I drink long and deep.

I don't see why people throw them away
I know I don't
I keep them in a memorial
to their awesomeness
and boudacity
a giant pyramid in my room
of the way cool cans
Each a new color scheme
Each with it's own story
I'm sure they have them
they just can't say
in their short little kchshoo
how sad, how horrible
I wish I could hear their stories

How grand, how noble,
how great their stories must be!
To be melted and poured
to be painted and filled
to be shipped and packed
to be stored and coveted
to be drank and thrown away
Oh, the horror! The tragedy
the end of this wonderful thing
ends in a metal bin
alone among garbage
that doesn't look near as cool

I love my pop can
it is so cool.