Thursday, July 31, 2008

This is me with no hands on my bike, while taking a picture of myself.

That's a picture of my worst blister. You can just see some of the others, they were all bad.

That's the troop on top of Brian Head, and that's me in the front row. I know, our pose is sexy.
That's Dylan asleep in the bathtub of the RV. For more pics and info on the camping trip go to: or/and, there different albums

The Newest and Coolest.

So far this has been a pretty good summer.
Went to Scout camp at the beginning of the month, that was fun. Got seven blisters on one hand! When you're riding down a trail and there are more 6-inch bumps than there are flat spots spanning more than a foot, handlebars shake, and blisters happen. But what ticked me off the most was the fact that I had seven blisters on one hand, and none on the other! I had blisters on the inside of my fingers, which I didn't think i could do with handlebars, but I did! Twice!
I also managed to ride my bike without hands, and then I took a picture of myself! The kid behind me though I no longer had a love for my life, but that's ok, it was a fun moment.
Came back from Scout camp a night early, thinking that I was going to come, everyone was going to say "Nice to have you back! Now get in the car, Lisa had her baby the day after you left, Mama is already there and we need to leave." But noooooo, instead I get home. I quote Katie "Yeah, we just got a call from Lisa wherein she said "I called to tell you, that nothing is happening!!!" So I missed a perfectly good testimony meeting for nothing. But, added bonus was that the guys from the slaughtering company came to pick up Jezabel, the big stupid sow who was a terrible mother and let all of her piglets die. So they came to pick her up, that was an adventure. Mamma and Daddy had left for town, and Mike was gone to help John haul sod. So Katie and I go out there expecting to deliver a few good kicks to this fat mass, and have it hop in, right? Pigs do that, they see a chance to leave, and food is inside this trailer, so they hop in!
The next two hours were spent trying to get this pig into their trailer. This entailed tipping her shelter up so she couldn't go in. Then we put a rope around her neck and tried to pull her in, and when she was about ten feet from the trailer she FREAKED OUT!!! We are talking a full on screaming flailing fit, accompanied with a very high pitched scream. I didn't think that a pig it's size could even do that! But oh no, she did it, several times, after bringing in assorted weapons, grain, and using the rope to leverage her in there, no, she would just scream and charge at the weakest link, a space in between people and she was gone. So we finally got a rope around her left front leg, and her head, put the rope around a beam of the trailer and began to pull. With her in such a fixed position we were then able to beat her enough that she got her head close to the trailer, (by the way we are talking serious beatings, there were fiberglass rods lying around from when we put up the electric fence, and Daddy, and both the guys who came to put her in took this pole and hit her right at the ankles until I was so sure she was going to start bleeding, it was crazy! Along with Daddy grabbing his whip and just BEATING her, but she was fine) So fine that when she got close to the trailer, we had her head up into it, we had plywood on both sides of her to make sure she didn't turn, and we could smell the end. But the leg we had roped was looking a little saggy, like she couldn't feel it cause we were torquing on it so much, so I think the man with the rope let it loose a little, the beatings continued. Daddy decided to take a turn at beating her, so Katie came to hold up the other end of the plywood that I was holding, about ten seconds after she got on the other end, that dang sow got her head enough away, pulling her head far enough away and threw herself toward the edge of the plywood that Katie was on. Alarum bells began ringing in my head, " Yo! The edge of that plywood will not hold her frenzied self and when she comes through that Katie will be a dead person". Sure enough, she broke that plywood edge off and began attempting to come over the top of it, but she was crazy and didn't think to go attack the human. Mamma was also hitting her with the slop bucket. So I got knocked down too, but I caught the edge of the trailer and got up to see Katie slightly under the plywood and attempting to fanagle a way to get up, cause the fence was also under her and being a real bother. So I grabbed her arm and saved her!
Then the real fight began. We all hate this pig by then, with an unparalleled passion. So the guy with the rope cranks on it again and gets her head close, then we begin beating the underside of her mouth to get her to get her head up, then we take a post and literally lift her front end in, and that only after a few tries and her freakishly flailing again. So her front legs were in, and we went for the back ones, by this time she was just screaming at us, not much motion going on. So we lifted her middle, then back end in. The guy beat her into the back and shut the door on her. HAA!
So that was my welcome home activity.
Then a week later! We went to California, there we got to see Sadie. Adorable baby, with baby fuzz in the strangest places, ears, arms, strange, but cool.
We also got to see "The Dark Knight", which was one of the best movies I have seen in a while. We got to see it in a California theater, and they had the volume cranked up, holy cow. But it was good. Very intense plot, twists all over the place. Heath Ledger did an AMAZING job with the Joker, too bad he's dead. :( Oh well! I guess they'll just have to throw the Joker in jail for the entire third movie.
We also saw Hellboy 2, highly entertaining, weird, but entertaining. The Director likes making the "Otherworldly" creatures look really otherworldly. But still highly entertaining.
We had our first Macbeth meeting today, and I saw most of a version of Macbeth, with Ian McKellan as Macbeth, it was an interesting view, but I like the version in my head better. Like King Duncan should be not so old, younger, and more "Yay Macbeth! You're a good guy, mind if I come over for a night or two? Wonderful! Your wife is so awesome I just lover her" NOT "Macbeth, you have done a great service. *pausing* I am very grateful to you. *longer pause* I owe you so much *pause* Banquo, I love thee also for what thou hast done. *pausing* Congratulations on the victory. *Ok, old man, just spit it out!* I'm going to go pray now. *What the?*. And Macbeth leaves. After his prayer is over. "We should go to his castle and honour him with my presence" *Long awkward pause this time* Where's my horse?.
Yeah, I like the version in my head better.
But we are starting official practices soon. We are also going to have it mobile and are planning on taking it to the surrounding High Schools, and to Shakespeare Festival where we will kick Elizabethean butt! Hu! The set is going to be fantastic, along with the symbolism and stylizing, going to be fantastic. We're also going to be doing fundraisers for it. Involving improv sessions for the public, and anything we want to put out there for'em! The improv and stuff is free to watch but we ask for donations, forcefully if needed. :)
School starts soon and it seems that this year will be pretty darn rough. My school schedule includes: A.P. History, A.P. Biology, Pre-Calc, Honours English, and a play class. Along with those I may have to do after school stuff for Macbeth, along with Wrestling, X-Country, Track, another play that Street wants to do and take to Region, and another student directed play that Ashton wants to do, all the while juggling these things, homework and any High School drama I am asked to solve.
I have found that I don't actually get involved in the dramas that happen in High School now, I just help them sort out. Mostly relationships, other people's relationships. Maybe that's why guys grow up to hate Chic-flics, cause they grow to hate the words "I miss her so much". So when that moment comes in the movie where the guy tells her how he can't live without her, blah, blah, the guys want to stand up and shout, "SHUT UP!!!! YOU INCOMPERABLE NINNY!!!!! BE A MAN AND GET OVER SOMETHING FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE, YOU POSTULENT BAG OF PUS!" Ok, so maybe not all guys get that urge, and I don't either..yet. But I can see why someone could grow to hate those moments.
Ok, so the situations I deal with aren't that bad, but they could be! And it's fun to joke about! It's actually just really sad to watch these guys who are so heartbroken.
Fun stuff, great times.