Sunday, May 24, 2009

Oh yeah! I have a blog don't I?

Well, where do I start? Let's start with Prom!
Prom was fan-FREAKING-tastic!!! Thanks to my most wonderful Prom date: Cherisa Chappel. We started the date with some very entertaining Wii sports and a game that consisted of shooting bunnies with plungers, this game amused me very much. :) Playing Wii and eating food for a while. I quite enjoyed the bunny game, and Garret and I had some fun with Garret's made up personality called "Cookie". Haha. Anyways! After hitting bunnies in the face with plungers, we headed over to Garret's house for the dinner we had assembled. On the way there I get this call from Jordan Garcia. "Hey Thomas, where are you?" "100 North and Main...why?" "Well, you see, I have a flat tire" ".........You're serious?" "Yeah! I really am! We're over here on *Whatever* street, we just went off the road a bit and it just went kaput!" "Oh my heck man. Alright I'll be over in a minute, just going to drop off my date and the other people in my car, and we'll come see what we can do about your tire....wait, you do have a spare don't you?" "Oh.....I don't know, don't think so! Hahaha" "Fantastic man, geh, yeah, I'll be right there" So I attempted to drop off my date, but she ended up coming along for a bit, but then got to go eat some food after it took so long to change poor Jordan's tire. Ya see, his spare was actually under his car, and he goes off-roading quite a bit, and he hadn't used the spare in a while. So the little thinger on bottom was so caked with mud and rust that lowering it wasn't feasible yet, so I climbed under there and began whacking away so we could get the dang thing off. Meanwhile, Zach came to my rescue, since he had been told that last time I had changed a tire, I had actually popped all of the lugnuts off, like not unscrewing them. (This is not true! I was popping off the plastic covers on the hubcap. You see, I had never changed a tire on a car with those funny plastic thing before, so I immediately assumed they were some stupid idea from some weird asian manufacturer. Of course then an older, more experience person came up and popped the whole thing off, and changed the tire in no time flat. I'm sorry that I didn't know about the stinking plastic things! I'm used to changing tires on old farm trucks!)
Anyways, so we finally got the ding dang tire out from under the car, put it on there, and I fastened the tire on! *Without breaking off the lugnuts, than you very much!*
We got to the dinner just in time for people to be leaving. Also just in time for me to realize that I had left our Prom Tickets at my house. Dang it. But, after conferring with a few people I found out that you didn't absolutely need your tickets, just the record that you bought them. So we were good!
I changed into my Tux quick like, took Cherisa to her house. Picked up the corsage from Zach's, dropped Zach off at his date's house, and then went into Cherisa's house to face the parents!!! DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUNNNNN!!!! Not really, it was just fine, we ended up talking about how each other's missionaries were doing. He only asked me one question that was a "test" question. He saw the Mustang and asked how fast I had gotten it, and I replied "Actually I haven't gotten it to any crazy speeds yet, I'm not allowed to." "Ooh! Trick question! You haven't YET?" "Oh. *Upth*"
But then my date came down the stairs and the photo shoot began! Man! There were a lot of pictures! I don't have all of them yet, but they took pictures and a lot of them! I'll post some of them.
After we got out of the house, we got in the mustang and went to the parking lot by the Track. There were more pictures taken, and Mustang was used as a background. But then we all loaded on to the Firetruck and rode to Prom!! Woot! Yes, yes indeed, we rode to Prom on a firetruck!
The dance was fun! Dance was good! I only messed up once or twice while doing the official Promenade. Then, I got to have fun dancing with my frickin SWEET coat tails! They were a lot of fun. And of course my Prom pictures were undoubtedly the best of all time. Yes, yes I was imitating the Scarlet Pimpernel. :)
The morning afterwards, the girl's took us all to Denny's for Morp, their way of saying thanks for taking us to Prom. Well, they instructed me to not put anything special on, to just hop in the car right out of bed. So I had some fun with that, when they came to get me, I had on a wife beater, and Gi pants. Oh yeah! Don't worry, I put on a shirt for them! But it still freaked some of them out! hahaha
Then the next day! Cherisa and I went four wheeling with Garcia and Tara, oh boy, that was riotous. I haven't really ridden a fourwheeler since we lived in Canada and we rode on them all the time. So, first we went up the mountain, and rode around in the snow, and that was fun. But then Cherisa drove down the mountain, and she was going all crazy around the corners, and then she was like rock crawling up this hill, and I'm sitting behind her wondering if I've turned into some kind of panzy since I last rode a four-wheeler. Well, ha ha, I didn't! As Cherisa can testify, I can still have a lot of fun on a fourwheeler! Woot!
Ok! That was Prom, I'll update the rest later.


Piper said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

supernerd said...

oh, man, memories are great aren't they?
(p.s. you spelled my name wrong again!)

Lisa said...

Okay, PROM is the last post on this.... haven't you undergone several life changes? moving out of your parent's house? college? brother home from a mission? Lisa needs updates! (not that I don't know all these things but I need pictures!)