Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Terrible Summer Tradition

Two summers in a row now I've had something terrible happen to me that incapacitated me for a time, in which time I was totally miserable. Last summer it was Mono, and that lasted FOREVER! This summer I've had the joyful experience of having my Wisdom Teeth removed. Now I know what you're thinking, yeah yeah, everyone goes through this kind of thing, but THAT is what they said about Mono too! And then I got my own special kind of Mono that combined two different kinds, and then a side effect of another that nobody could even make sense of! Nauseous, throat, and my eyes began swelling, yeah that's right, all the skin around my eyes began swelling so I couldn't open my eyes fully.

This is as far as my eyes would really open

So now, I get my Wisdom Teeth out, and that's a bummer right? According to the general consensus, your average operation happens, you look like a chipmunk, and a day or two later your chewing and making out hurts, right? Well, my top two teeth were so far up that the dear Dentist had to take them out the side, and not through the bottom, so the operation took an hour and a half, or so they tell me, and it's been 3 days and I still can't smile without fear of having my gums begin bleeding, and chewing is completely out of the question. Loratab has no goofy symptoms on me, it just makes me feel really funky, but no bouts of hilarity.


But on the plus side I have caught up on my movies, "RED" and "The Tourist" were just as good as everyone said they were going to be. I've also begun playing Bioshock and am almost finished, those splicers simply don't know what's happening to them, Big Daddies on the other hand, seem to know exactly what's coming and kill me several times before I manage to kill them. Hmmmm
Hope you're all having a great summer! I know that this was a pretty whiny post, but...well, it's whiny ok? Deal with it! My ibuprofen hasn't kicked in yet.

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