Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home again, home again

Well, I promised Ashley Kay Easton that I would keep this blog updated. So here we go.
Last time that I wrote in this it was dead week for the first semester. Huh.
The second semester was just as interesting, if not more interesting, than the first! It really doesn't seem like that long ago that it started, huh.
Well, I got a new roommate, his name is Silas Pimentel. My dear Brazilian Brutha who lived in Brazil for the first bit of his life, his family moved to Utah, and then he got called to Colorado on his mission. This is usually a point of confusion for people. Him and I got along fantastic, and Silas tried so hard to teach me good habits, but in the last semester I was pretty into being an irresponsible pre-mi that my room remained trashed, my dishes stayed dirty, and my homework never did get completed.
Went with some crazy guys to California for Spring Break, good times, drunk people are funny and have good stories. Unfortunately I grow tired of updating on my life and feel more like just talking than updating.

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Ash said...

I already miss you so much!! its only been a freaking WEEK!! AHH. thanks for updating! love you miss you!!