Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Plans for the week

So this is Dead week. Fun. Last night I finished a poem for Creative Arts, about all the different Creative Arts.
Emotion in movement
Constructing a certain ilk
Flesh turns to brush
Twirling swirling colors
Paintings in pose
To the sound of silk

Grotesques at guard
For the marching moss
As it piles upon the pillars
Of a monument to man
Erected through the effort
Of a design for safety

Red hugs around your neck
Green satin around your chest
Emotions and memories flooding
Pouring through a portal of pastels
Emotions and thoughts put out
Displayed for all to see

Pablo’s paintings, Michael’s makings
Thoughts doodled in paint
Mental pictures translated to brush
Create anew, what was seen of old
Master of oil, water, and wax
On an arena of parchment

Rage, love, jealousy, joy
Friends betrayed, enemies loved
Life seen again on hardwood
Put in some paint, sing a note
Tap a step, design your shirt
Learn life from seeing it played

Sing it, dance it, paint it
Act it, wear it, use it
Enjoy it, judge it, hate it
No matter who, no matter what
Every person is made of heart
Every person turns life into an art

Not about to win any competitions but hey, hopefully it gets a hundred percent. Hoorah.
Tonight a wrote out, in extreme detail, a 30-minute warm-up for the character of Othello. What a pain, never wrote anything so tedious or boring. DBQ's are fascinating compared to this. Anyways, now all I've got left is a guitar final, which I'll have fun practicing for, a cumulative final on Understanding Theater, and a test on the last few Chapters in Alien Class. Then Fall Semester is over!
This week we're doing a prank every day on this apartment above us, because they had been doing this concessive prank on us, so we attacked.

Front Door

Back Door

The Door Knobs
The night before we put balloons all over their front door, and the night before we made a complete covering over their front door with the newspaper that they had been stacking against our door for a few weeks. Tonight's prank was us destroying their peace offering with assorted weaponry, see the video on Facebook.
My last final is next Thursday, the 16th at 11o'clock, and then I'll be heading home (Got a ride) until January 10th! Cause "I'm dreaming tonight, of a place I love, even more than I usually do"

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Melanie Rose Nielsen said...

"Ilk"? Is that a word?
It must be, cause you used it.
But it totally seems like you just made it up to rhyme with silk.