Sunday, May 15, 2011

Hobbes Hit it Right on the Head

I couldn't say it any better, but I am going to explain my own experience with this.
Hobbes has it completely right, at least for me I believe. Mostly the bit about the brain disengaging and babbling like a cretin. I'm not actually twitterpated at the moment, nor do I really intend to be since this is the summer before my mission and to most girls my age that's an instant turn off cause I'm training to go completely non-romantic. I was actually looking back on all of the times when I've gone head over heels, completely bonkers for a girl. I like to think that usually I'm a pretty articulate, competent person. When I'm confronted with an awkward or tense situation I'm usually able to finagle some way to have everyone happy, I'm able to create happy endings and proper social responses for pretty much every movie and real life couple I've seen, but looking back I have realized that my IQ drops 300 points when I fall in love! Which either means I'm the greatest genius the world has ever known, or I have a negative IQ when love strikes. I'm going to have to go with Hobbes on this one.

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