Sunday, May 22, 2011

An "Ah-HA!" moment about Tom!

Dogbert gets partial credit for compatibility with me, I love talking AND listening though.

I have discovered that I LOVE communicating. It makes some different aspects of me make a lot more sense. I love the night, partly because I just find the dark comforting, and partly because people have a lot looser tongues at night, people just seem a lot more likely to just talk at night than at any other time. Also, I talk to myself, as anyone who has ever lived, or even just traveled with me knows. While I was on the Spring Break trip to California, my friend Eric was with me and he commented on how he had noticed it, and was kind of amazed at how I keep a running commentary, even in the shower. That's right, I don't sing in the shower, I just continue talking to myself. I love the simple exchange of information. It doesn't really matter who or what either. I've had a lot of conversations ranging from connecting Science Fiction and Religion to drunken/buzzed exploits, and I enjoyed both just as much, I know that I should enjoy the one about religion more, but really, I just love listening. When I'm listening to a person, it's just far too much fun to watch them, ESPECIALLY if they're getting really into something, like something they discovered for themselves, or just learned, or they're figuring something out, or just if they're amazed by it, I love just watching that happen. Cause we all think a huge amount, well, I think we all think a huge amount, some people I'm just not so sure about, but there's a large amount of processing and events that happen to all of us, but the majority of it never escapes our thick skulls! So when someone just starts talking to me, I think it's fantastic. I will listen to just about anyone, talk about just about anything. I hate it when a person starts getting cautious about what they're saying, or how much they're saying when they're talking to me, cause that's just a waste. I support full, lengthy, nerdy communication between people. I can talk a lot, of this there is no doubt, and my three posts in as many days proves this. I love it when a person can actually talk, and keep a conversation going. When I don't have to work to keep the conversation going, that's a good time. So, if you ever just need to nerd out, then I am the man for the job, if there's something that I can do, it's listening, and talking.

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JaMiEj said...

It just wasn't ALL you this weekend without you talking! Hope you get back to jabbering soon!! :D